War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0156 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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THIRD Brigade.

Brigadier General John D. STEVENSON.

8th Illinois, lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Sturgess. 17th Illinois, lieutenant Colonel Francis. M. Smith. 81st Illinois: Colonel James J. Dolins. Colonel Franklin Campbell. 7th Missouri: Captain Robert Buchanan. Captain William B. Colins. 32nd Ohio, colonel Benjamin F. Potts.



1st Illinois Light Battery D: Captain Henry A. Rogers. Lieutenant George J. Wood. Captain Frederick Sparrestrom. 2nd Illinois Light, battery G: CAPTAIN Frederick Sparrestrom. Lieutenant John W. Lowell. 2nd Illinois Light Battery L, captain William H. Bolton. Michigan Light, 8th Battery: Captain Samuel De Golyer. Lieutenant Theodore W. Lockwood. Ohio Light 3rd Battery, captain William S. Williams.


Brigadier General John MCARTHUR.


11th Illinois Cavalry, company G. Lieutenant Stephen S. Tripp.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General HUGHT T. RIED.

1st Kansas, colonel William Y. Roberts, 16th Wisconsin, colonel Benjamin Allen.

SECOND Brigade.

Brigadier General Thomas E. G. RANSOM.

11th Illinois: Lieutenant Colonel Garrett Nevis. Lieutenant Colonel James H. Coates.

SECOND Brigade-Continued.

72nd Illinois, colonel Frederick A. Starring 95th Illinois: Colonel Thomas W. Humphrey. Lieutenant Colonel Leander Blanded. Colonel Thomas W. Humphrey. 14th Wisconsin, colonel Lyman M. Ward. 17th Wisconsin: Lieutenant Colonel Thomas McMahon. Colonel Adam G. Malloy.

THIRD Brigade.



11th Iowa: Lieutenant Colonel John C. Alercombier. Colonel William Hall. 13th Iowa, colonel John Shane. 15th Iowa, colonel William W. Belknap. 16th Iowa, lieutenant Colonel Addison H. Sanders.


*By the collision of two steamers May 1, 1863, near Grand Gulf, MISS., this battery lost all its guns, and was sent to Memphis to refit. It rejoined the army at Vicksburg June 30. Meantime Captain Sparrestrom had been assigned, June 16, to the command of Battery D, first Illinois Light Artillery.

+Assumed command June 6.