War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0148 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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Number 64. -Major General Francis J. Herron, u. S. Army, commanding DIVISION.

Number 65. -Colonel George W. Clark, thirty-fourth Iowa Infantry, first DIVISION.

Number 66. -Colonel John McNulta, ninety-fourth Illinois Infantry, SECOND Brigade.

Number 67. -Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Kent, nineteenth Iowa INFANTRY.

Number 68. -Captain Henry Bertram, twentieth Wisconsin Infantry.

No 69. -Captain Martin Weffley, battery B, first Missouri Light Artillery.

Number 70. -Consolidated statement of prisoners of war captured and paroled,&c.

Number 71. -Organization of the Confederate Army of Vicksburg Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton commanding, July 4, 1863.

Number 72. -Summary of the Casualties in the Confederate forces during the siege of Vicksburg.

Number 73. -Major Samuel II. Lockett, c. S. Engineers, chief Engineer.

Number 74. -Colonel William T. Wither, first Mississippi Light Artillery Chief of Light Artillery.

Number 75. -Colonel Edward Higgins, c. S. Artillery, commanding river batteries.

Number 76. -Lieutenant Colonel D. Beltzhover, first Louisiana Artillery.

Number 77. -Major General Carter L. Stevenson, c. S. Army, commanding SECOND Brigade.

Number 78. -Brigadier General Stephen D. Lee, c. S. Army, commanding SECOND Brigade.

Number 79. -Captain A. C. Roberts, twenty-THIRD Alabama Infantry.

Number 80. -Captain George W. Mathieson, thirty-first Alabama Infantry.

Number 81. -Captain George. E. Brewer, forty-sixth Alabama Infantry.

Number 82. -Colonel A. W. Reynolds, c. S. Army, commanding Fourth Brigade.

Number 83. -Colonel T. N. Waul, Texas Legion.

Number 84. -Major General John H. Forney, c. S. Army, commanding DIVISION.

Number 85. -Brigadier General John C. Moore, c. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Number 86. -Brigadier General Louis Hebert, c. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Number 87. -Colonel Ashbel Smith, SECOND Texas Infantry.

Number 88. -Major General M. L. Smith, c. S. Army, commanding DIVISION.

Number 89. -Brigadier General F. A. Shoup, c. S. Army, commanding THIRD Brigade.

Number 90. -Brigadier General W. E. Baldwin, c. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Number 91. -Major General John S. Bowen C. S. Army, commanding DIVISION.

Number 92. -Colonel Francis M. Cockrell, SECOND Missouri Infantry, commanding First Brigades.

Number 93. -Brigadier General Martin E. Green, c. S. Army, commanding SECOND Brigade.

Number 94. -Colonel Thomas P. Dockery, nineteenth Arkansas Infantry, commanding SECOND Brigade.

Number 95. -Captain James W. Barelay and Lieutenant H. Wilkerson, first Missouri Cavalry, and letters of congratulation.

Number 96. -Surg. Benjamin D. Lay, c. S. Army.

Number 97. -Abstract from morning report of sick and wounded of the Confederate Army at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

Number 1. Organization of the Union forces operating against Vicksburg, major General Ulysses S. Grant, u. S. Army, commanding, May 18-July 4. 1863. ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE.

Major General Ulysses S. GRANT. ESCORT.

4th Illinois Cavalry, company A, captain Embury D. Obsband.


1st Battalion Engineer Regiment of the WEST Major William Tweddale.