War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0147 Chapter XXXVI. THE SIEGE OF Vicksburg, MISS.

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No 27. -Colonel Charles R. Woods. Seventy-sixth Ohio Infantry, commanding SECOND Brigade, first DIVISION, including operations since May 2.

Number 28. -Colonel David Carskaddon, NINTH Iowa Infantry, THIRD Brigade, including operations since December 29, 1862.

Number 29. -Major General Frank P. Blair, Jr. U. S. Army, commanding SECOND DIVISION, including operations since May 16.

Number 30. -Captain Samuel E. Barrett, battery B. First Illinois Light Artillery.

Number 31. -Colonel Giles A. Smith, eight Missouri Infantry, commanding First Brigade, including operations since May 16.

Number 32. -Colonel Thomas Kilby Smith, FIFTY-fourth Ohio Infantry, including operations since MAY 6.

Number 33. -Colonel Oscar Malmborg, FIFTY-FIFTH Illinois Infantry, including operations since MAY 5.

Number 34. -Lieutenant William C. Porter, FIFTY-FIFTH Illinois Infantry.

Number 35. -Colonel Hamilton N. Eldridge, one hundred and twenty seventh Illinois Infantry.

Number 36. -Lieutenant Colonel Cyrus W. Fisher, FIFTY-FOURTH, Ohio Infantry, including operations since MAY 6.

Number 37. Lieutenant Colonel Samuel R. Mott, FIFTY-seventh Ohio Infantry, including operation since MAY 4.

Number 38. -Brigadier General Hugh Ewing, u. S. Army, commanding THIRD Brigade.

Number 39. -Major Charles Hipp, thirty-seventh Ohio Infantry.

Number 40. -Lieutenant Joseph R. Reed. SECOND Iowa Battery, THIRD DIVISION.

Number 41. -Lieutenant. Colonel Jefferson Brumback, ninety-FIFTH Ohio Infantry, first Brigade.

Number 42. -Colonel James L. Geddes, eight Iowa Infantry, THIRD Brigade.

Number 43. -Brigadier General Jacob G. Lauman, u. S. Army, commanding Fourth DIVISION, SIXTEENTH Army Corps.

Number 44. -Colonel Aaron Brown, THIRD Iowa Infantry, first Brigade, including operations May 18.

Number 45. -Colonel Benjamin Dornblase, forty-sixth Illinois Infantry, SECOND Brigade.

Number 46. -Major Charles J. Stolbrand, SECOND Illinois Light Artillery, chief of Artillery THIRD DIVISION, SEVENTEENTH Army Corps.

Number 47. -Brigadier General Mortimer D. Legget U. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Number 48. -Colonel Manning F. Force Twentieth Ohio Infantry, commanding SECOND Brigade.

Number 49. -Brigadier General Thomas E. G. Ransom, u. S. Army, commanding SECOND Brigade, sixth DIVISION, including operations since April 26.

Number 50. -Colonel Thomas W. Humphrey, ninety-FIFTH Illinois Infantry.

Number 51. -Colonel William Hall, eleventh Iowa Infantry, commanding THIRD Brigade.

Number 52. Major Charles Foster, eleventh Iowa Infantry.

Number 53. -Major William A. Walker, THIRTEENTH Iowa Infantry.

Number 54. -Colonel William W. Belknap, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry.

No 55. -Lieutenant Colonel John M. Hedrick, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry.

Number 56. -Captain Romulus L. Hanks. Fifteenth Iowa Infantry.

Number 57. -Lieutenant Colonel Addison H. Sanders, SIXTEENTH Iowa Infantry.

Number 58. -Captain John H. Smith, SIXTEENTH Iowa Infantry.

Number 59. -Major Edward J. Wood, forty-eight Indiana Infantry, first Brigade, SEVENTEENTH DIVISION.

Number 60. -Lieutenant Colonel John E. Tourtellotte, fourth Minnesota Infantry.

Number 61. -Colonel Green B. Raum, FIFTY-sixth Illinois, commanding SECOND Brigade.

Number 62. -Major John F. Walde, SEVENTEENTH Iowa Infantry.

Number 63. -Lieutenant Colonel E. S. Sampson, FIFTH Iowa Infantry, THIRD Brigade, including operations since April 25.