War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0146 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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MAY 19-JULY 4, 1863. -THE Siege of Vicksburg MISS.


Number 1. -Organization of the Union forces operating against Vicksburg, major General Ulysses S, grant, u. S. Army, commanding, May 18 July 4.

Number 2. -Return of Casualties in the Union forces engaged at Vicksburg May 19.

Number 3. -Return of Casualties in the Union forces in the assault on Vicksburg May 22. Number 4. -General Summary of Casualties in the Union forces during the operations against Vicksburg May 1-July 4.

Number 5. -Capts. Frederick E. Prime and Cyrus B. Comstock, u. S. Corps of Engineers, chief Engineers Army of the Tennessee.

Number 6. -Lieutenant Peter C. Hains, u. S. Corps of Engineers, chief Engineer Thirteenth Army Corps.

Number 7. Captain William L. B. Jenny, additional aide-de-camp. U. S. Army, acting Engineer Officer Fifteenth Army Corps, including operations SINCE MAY 9.

Number 8. -Captain William Kossa, additional aide-de-camp, u. S. Army, acting Engineer Officer.

Number 9. Captain Henry C. Freeman, additional aide-de-camp, u. S. Army, acting Engineer Officer Fourth DIVISION, SIXTEENTH Army Corps.

Number 10. -Captain Andrew Hickenloper, chief Engineer SEVENTEENTH Army Corps, including operations since April 17.

Number 11. -Captain Stewart R. Tresilian, engineer Officer THIRD DIVISION, including operation since April 25.

Number 12. -Major General Edward O. C. Ord, u. S. Army, commanding Thirteenth Army Corps.

Number 13. -Brigadier General Peter J. Osterhaus, u. S. Army, commanding NINTH DIVISION.

Number 14. -Captain Charles H. Lanphere, seventh Michigan Battery, including operations May 16 and 17.

Number 15. -Liet. Oscar F. Nutting. First Wisconsin Battery.

Number 16. -Brigadier General Albert L. Lee, u. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Number 17. -Colonel James Keigwin, forty-NINTH Indiana Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Number 18. -Colonel John G. Fonda, one hundred and eighteen Illinois Infantry, including operation May 16 and 17.

Number 19. -Colonel Thomas J. Lucas, SIXTEENTH Indiana Infantry, first Brigade, tenth DIVISION, including operations since April 13.

Number 20. -Colonel Peter J. Sullivan, forty-eight Ohio Infantry, SECOND Brigade, including operations since December 20, 1862.

Number 21. -Brigadier General Alvin P. Hovey, u. S. Army, commanding Twelfth DIVISION.

Number 22. -Major Salued G. Van Anda, twenty-first Iowa Infantry, SECOND Brigade, fourteenth DIVISION.

Number 23. -Major Joseph B. Atherton, twenty-SECOND Iowa Infantry.

Number 24. -Captain Charles N. Lee, twenty-SECOND Iowa Infantry, including operations since May 1.

Number 25. -Major General William T. Sherman, u. S. Army, commanding Fifteenth Army corps.

Number 26. -Lieutenant Colonel Silmeon D. Swan, fourth Iowa Cavalry, Fifteenth Army Corps.


*See also the general reports of Grant, Johnston, McClernand, and Pemberton; battle of Port Gibson, reports of Buehler and Carr; engagement at Raymond, reports of Davis, Cambell, Sanborn, John E. Smith, and John D. Stevenson; engagement at Jackson, reports of Alexander, Bouck, Buckland, Deimling, Hills, Holmes, Hubbard, Matthies,

Sherman, Thomas, and Tuttle (Part I); and engagement at Champion's Hill, reports of Burbridge. Guppey, Lindsey, Osterhaus, and Putnam. Also Appendix, pp. 689-698.