War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0027 Chapter XXXVI. BATTLE OF CHAMPION'S HILL, MISS.

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In this advance the skirmishers under Captain Hutchins, in conjunction with those of the Seventh Kentucky, to my left, compelled the surrender of a regiment of the enemy, the colors of which in some way were taken possession of by two mounded officers from General SMITH's command.

The casualties were as follows.

Command Killed Wounded Missing

16th Ohio 3 6 ---

22nd Kentucky 2 4 ---

42nd Ohio 2 3 1

114th Ohio 3 1 ---

Total 10 14 1

During the night, with heavy details from each of the regiments, threw a bridge across the river, and about 8 o'clock on the morning of the 18th marched over; bivouacked for the night some 3 miles from our present position.

On the morning of the 19th, marched, reaching the corn-field in our rear about 11 o'clock; formed the brigade in line, contiguous columns of DIVISIONS, at deploying intervals. At 1 o'clock received orders to form line of battle in ravine in the front. At 2 o'clock received orders to advance, which was done (the enemy showing complete range with his artillery of every ravine and hill-top) in most excellent order for the ground over which we were moving; reached a position commanding the enemy's guns immediately in our front, and which were very soon silenced. Night coming on, a string line of skirmishers was left on the ground, and the brigade taken back to bivouac where we had formed to move forward at 2 o'clock. In the advance of this day, Lieutenant O. C. Risdon, Forty-SECOND Ohio, acting aide-de-camp, was so severely wounded in the left arm as to compel his leaving the field.

The casualties were as follows: Killed-Sixteenth Ohio, 1. Wounded SIXTEENTH Ohio, 8; Twenty-SECOND Kentucky, 2; Forty-SECOND Ohio, 12, and One hundred and fourteenth Ohio, 10. Total, 1 killed and 32 wounded.

Morning of 20th, moved the brigade forward to position occupied the evening before, immediately behind the line of skirmishers and at night returned again to bivouac.

The casualties were as follows: SIXTEENTH Ohio, 1 killed and 1 wounded; Forty-SECOND Ohio, 3 wounded, and One hundred and fourteenth Ohio, 1 killed. Total, 2 killed and 4 wounded.

May 21, a repetition of the day previous.

The casualties were as follows: Wounded-Sixteenth Ohio, 3, and Twenty-SECOND Kentucky, 1. Total, 4.

On the morning of the 22nd, was ordered to shift my line of skirmishers to the right, and prepare to advance up the ravine, immediately in front of the Seventh Michigan Battery, at 10 a. m. at which hour a general assault was to be made upon the entire line of the enemy's works. In conjunction with the First Brigade, formed three columns of attack. The Twenty-SECOND Kentucky and Forty-SECOND Ohio, forming the right column, were ordered to move up the ravine to the right of the abatis, the One hundred and fourteenth Ohio and Forty-NINTH Indiana, with the Sixty-NINTH Indiana as support; the center were to go up the left ra-