War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0006 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC.

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MAY 16, 1863. -Battle of Champion's Hill, or Baker's Creek, MISS.


Numbers 1. -Return of Casualties in the Union forces.

Numbers 2. -Brigadier General P. Joseph Osterhaus, commanding NINTH DIVISION, THIRTEENTH Army Corps, including operations May 2-23.

Numbers 3. -Colonel James Keigwin, Forty-NINTH Indiana Infantry, first Brigade, including engagement at Big Black River Bridge.

Number 4. -Lieutenant Colonel John Lucas, seventh Kentucky Infantry, including engagement at Big Black River Bridge.

Number 5. -Colonel Daniel W. Lindsey, twenty-SECOND Kentucky Infantry, commanding SECOND Brigade, including operations to May 23.

Numbers 6. -Captain John L. Campbell, THIRD Illinois Cavalry.

Numbers 7. -Lieutenant Charles B. Kimball, first Wisconsin Battery, including engagement at Big Black River Bridge.

Numbers 8. -Brigadier General Stephen G. Budgridge, u. S. Army, commanding First Brigade, tenth DIVISION, including operations April 13-May 24.

Numbers 9. Colonel Frederick W. Moore, eighty-THIRD Ohio Infantry, including operations April 14-May 22.

Numbers 10. Colonel Joshua J. Guppey, Twenty-THIRD Wisconsin Infantry, including operations to May 22.

Numbers 11. -Colonel Friend S. Rutherford, Ninety-seventh Illinois Infantry, SECOND Brigade.

Numbers 12. -Brigadier General Alvin P. Hovey, u. S. Army, commanding TWELFTH DIVISION, including operations May 2-20.

Numbers 13. -Brigadier General George F. McGinnis, u. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 14. -Colonel William T. Spicely, Twenty-fourth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 15. -Colonel James R. Slack, forty-seventh Indiana Infantry, commanding SECOND Brigade.

Numbers 16. -Lieutenant Colonel John A. McLaughlin, forty-seventh Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 17. -Lieutenant Joseph G. Strong, adjutant twenty-eight Iowa Infantry.

N0. 18. -Brigadier General Isaac F. Quinby, U. S. Army, commanding Seventh DIVISION, Seventh Army Corps, including operations April 20-May 20.

Numbers 19. -Lieutenant Colonel John E. Tourtellotte, Fourth Minnesota Infantry, first Brigade, including operations April 23-May 22.

Numbers 20. -Colonel David B. Hillis, seventh Iowa Infantry, SECOND Brigade.

Numbers 21. -Colonel Holden Putnam, ninety-THIRD Illinois Infantry, commanding THIRD Brigade, including operations May 9-22.

Numbers 22. -Major Samuel H. Lockett, C. S. Engineer Corps, Chief Engineer Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, including operations April 30-May 17.

Numbers 23. -Major General William W. Loring, c. S. Army, commanding DIVISION.

Numbers 24. -Colonel A. E. Reynolds, Twenty-sixth Mississippi Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 25. -Brigadier General Abram Buford, c. S. Army, commanding SECOND Brigade.

Numbers 26. -Colonel Edward Goodwin, Thirty-FIFTH Alabama Infantry.

Numbers 27. -Thomas M. Scott, TWELFTH Louisiana Infantry.

Numbers 28. -Brigadier General Winfield S. Featherston, C. S. Army, commanding THIRD Brigade.

Number 29. -Major General Carter L. Stevenson, C. S. Army commanding DIVISION.


* See also general reports of Grant, McClernand, and Pemberton; battle of Port Gibson, reports of Buehler, Logan, and McPherson; engagement at Raymond, reports of Campbell, Crocker, Davis, Sanborn, John E. SMITH, and John D. Stevenson; engagement at Jackson, reports of Alexander, Bouck, Deimling, Hillis, and Holmes(Part I.)Engagement at Big Black river Bridge, report of Lawler; and siege of Vicksburg, reports of Blair, fisher, fonda, Lucas, Sampson, and T. K. SMITH.