War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0004 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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May 24, 1863. -Skirmish at Mechanicsburg, MISS.

Skirmish near Austin, MISS.

Skirmish at Mound Plantation, near Lake Providence, La.

24-31, 1863. -Expedition up the Yazoo and Big Sunflower Rivers, MISS.

26, 1863. -Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., toward Hernando, MISS.

26-29, 1863,-Expedition from Bolivar to Wesley Camp, Sommerville, and Antioch Church, Tenn., and skirmishes.

26-31, 1863. -Expedition from Corinth, MISS., to Florence, Ala. *

26-June 1, 1863. -Scout from Fort Heiman, Ky., into Tennessee.

26-June 4, 1863. -Expedition from Haynes' Bluff to Mechanicsburg, MISS., and skirmishes.

27, 1863. -Engagement between U. S. S. Cincinnati and the Vicksburg batteries.

Attack on Union gunboats near Greenwood, MISS.

Skirmish near Lake Providence, La.

Scout from Memphis, Tenn., toward Hernando, MISS.

28, 1863. -Skirmish near Austin, MISS.

Scout from Memphis, Tenn., toward Hernando, MISS.

June 2-8, 1863. -Expedition from Haynes' Bluff to Satartia and Mechanicsburg, MISS.

3, 1863. -Engagement near Simsport, La.

3-17, 1863. -Transfer of NINTH Army Corps from Kentucky to vicinity of Vicksburg.

3-July 10, 1863. -Operations in Northern Louisiana.

7, 1863. -Expedition from Jackson, Tenn., across Tennessee River.

5, 1863. -Major General John G. Parke, U. S. Army, resumes command of the NINTH Army Corps.

8- 9, 1863. -Expedition from Pocahontas, Tenn., to Ripley, MISS.

9, 1863. -Skirmish at Macon Ford, Big Black River, MISS.

10, 1863. -Skirmish at Edwards Station, MISS.

11, 1863. -Skirmish at SMITH's Bridge, near Corinth, MISS.

Skirmish at Burnsville, MISS.

12-14, 1863. -Expedition from Pocahontas, Tenn., to New Albany and Ripley, MISS., and skirmishes.

13-22, 1863. -Operations in Northeastern Mississippi, including skirmishes (19th) at New Albany and (20th) at Mud Creek.

15, 1863. -Affair near Trenton, Tenn.

15-25, 1863. -Operations in Northwestern Mississippi.

16, 1863. -Scout from Memphis to the Hatchie River, Tenn.

16-24, 1863. -Expedition from LA Grande, Tenn., to Panola, MISS.

17-18, 1863. -Operations on Mississippi River, near Memphis, Tenn.,

and attack on transports.

17-22, 1863. -Expedition from Pocahontas, Tenn., toward Pontotoc, MISS.

18, 1863. -Affair at Birdsong Ferry, Big Black River, MISS.

19, 1863. -Major General E. O. C. Ord supersedes Major General J. A. McClernand in command to the Thirteenth Army


22, 1863. -Skirmish at Jones' Plantation, near Birdsong Ferry,


Action at Hill's Plantation, near Bear Creek, MISS.

Skirmish on Big Black River, MISS.

23-26, 1863. -Union raid on Brookhaven, and skirmish at Rocky

Creek, near Ellisville, MISS.

24, 1863. -Skirmishes at Mound Plantation and near Lake Providence, La.

25, 1863. -Skirmish at Milliken's Bend, La.


*See Series I, VOL. XXIII, part I, p. 349.