War of the Rebellion: Serial 036 Page 0784 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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been driven by the Eleventh Indiana Regiment, who, in their turn, had been forced to retire and abandon the guns. The rebels retreating, I formed the regiment upon the Vicksburg road, and, by order of Colonel Holmes, went into position on the right side of, and at right angles to, said road, deploying skirmishers to the front and right. The action ceasing, the regiment was marched about 300 yards to the rear of this position, and bivouacked on the left of the road for the night.

In this action 7 were killed on the field, 36 wounded, and 3 MISSING, several of whom subsequently died, a list of which is hereto appended, marked B. *

The brigade being ordered by General Grant to remain on the field and assist in removing the wounded, burying the dead, and collecting the arms and accouterments left on the ground, remained at this place, performing said duties, until Tuesday, 19th instant, at 12 m., when it received orders to march to Black River.--- miles to within 1 mile of the river, where the regiment was posted on the north side of the Vicksburg road, on the right of and supporting a section of the TWELFTH Wisconsin Battery, to cover the crossing of Black River by the DIVISION train and a large body of (say 4,000) prisoners. This was accomplished by 10 o'clock that night, and the forces on the east side were ordered to cross to the WEST side of the river, which was done, and the regiment bivouacked about 11 p. m. 1 mile WEST of the pontoon bridge, on the left side of the Vicksburg road.

May 20, started early in the morning, and marched about 10 miles to a position in the rear of Vicksburg, and in a ravine on the left of the road, bivouacking for the night.

May 21, moved to our present position, 1 mile distant from the last named bivouac, and in the evening received orders to issue ammunition to the amount of 100 rounds per man, preparatory to storming the enemy's works on the morrow.

May 22, at 10 o'clock, moved to the front a quarter of a mile across a ridge swept by the fire form the rebel forts and sharpshooters, and took a position on the left of the brigade, which was the reserve of the DIVISION in the assault ordered to be made by the whole line at the above named hour. We occupied this position about one hour, deploying skirmishers to the left and front on the next ridge, when we advanced across the ridge in front to the ravine beyond, and, after remaining about the same length of time, received orders to retire to the position last occupied by us, and remained there about one hour, when orders were received for the First and THIRD Brigades to charge the works, and the regiment, with the others of the SECOND Brigade, to advance to the brow of the hill in front, and repel any attack which the besieged might make, should the assault prove unsuccessful; but, before this movement could be executed, the DIVISION was ordered to the left, to support the army corps of General McClernand. The brigade marched about 2 miles to the left, and reported to General Osterhaus, and bivouacked in a ravine on the WEST side of the road for the night.

May 23, at 7 a. m., marched about three-quarters of a mile southward to a ravine, --- yards from the works, and deployed the left wing as skirmishers to the left and one company to the right and front. remained in this position until 1 o'clock, when, under orders from General Quinby, the regiment, with the brigade, marched back to the position it now occupies, and has remained here since.

The only casualties during these two days were 2 men wounded.


*Not found; but see Part II, p. 10.