War of the Rebellion: Serial 036 Page 0724 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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assistant adjutant-general of the First Brigade, planted the flag of the FIFTY-NINTH Indiana on the dome of the capitol of the State of Mississippi.

On the morning of the 15th, we retraced our steps in the direction of Clinton, General Logan's DIVISION taking the lead. From Clinton we proceeded [on the 16th] directly toward Vicksburg, the DIVISION of General Logan still having the lead. near Edwards Depot we came up with the DIVISION of General Hovey, of Major-General McClernand's command, who, having the advance, encountered the enemy, posted with great care and in strong force across Baker's Creek, on what is called Champion's Hill. The two DIVISIONS, Generals Hovey's and Logan's, were at once formed, General Logan's on the right and General Hovey's on the left, and attacked the enemy with great fury, driving him on both flanks. In the mean time two brigades of the Seventh DIVISION coming up, it soon became apparent that the enemy in front of General Hovey was being re-enforced, and that he was hard pressed. The THIRD Brigade, Colonel Boomer, was, therefore, ordered to proceed to his support, which he did in the most gallant style, ascending a hill, entering a wood, and taking position in front of an enemy of three times his force. The First Brigade, under Colonel Sanborn, moved to the right to support the batteries planted in the field.

It soon became apparent that the critical point was our left. As General Stevenson had been entirely successful in driving their left, the enemy seemed determined to effect the same with ours; two of the regiments of Colonel Sanborn's brigade were, therefore, ordered to the support of Colonel Boomer. Colonel Boomer, by the most desperate fighting, and with wonderful courage and obstinacy, held his position in spite of the continued and furious assaults of the enraged and baffled enemy; but it was apparent that he sorely needed assistance, and, unless speedily assisted, his position was in danger.

At this critical moment Colonel Holmes arrived in the field with two regiments of the SECOND Brigade, the SEVENTEENTH Iowa and Tenth Missouri, and, being informed of the position of affairs, proceeded with the greatest alacrity and enthusiasm to the front, relieving Colonel Boomer, who by this time was entirely out of ammunition, and charged the enemy with a shout, who broke and fled in the greatest confusion, leaving in our possession the regimental flag of the Thirty-first Alabama, taken by the SEVENTEENTH Iowa, and two guns of his battery. This ended the fight. Our right, under General Logan, had already driven them, and when they broke on the left the rout was complete. That night we encamped near the battle-field.

On the morning of the 17th, Brigadier-General Quinby having returned, I was relieved of the temporary command of the DIVISION.

During the time that I commanded the DIVISION, the loss in the several engagements was as follows:

Engagements. Wounded. Killed.

Skirmish of May 3 2 ---

Battle of Raymond --- 2

Battle of Jackson 227 34

Battle of Champion's Hill 539 123

768 159

Total wounded and killed 927