War of the Rebellion: Serial 036 Page 0538 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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hence their capture. Lieutenant [Joseph] Hinson being at Greenwell Springs on the morning of my surprise, and hearing the report of fire arms above, at what he supposed to be Colonel Wilbourn's camp, immediately proceeded to notify my picket at Burlington Ferry of the fact, instructing the sergeant to send a courier on road to my camp while he himself went another way tod both the lieutenant and courier were cut off and captured.

My loss in men, horses, bridles, saddles, guns, and cooking utensils, on this occasion, I beg leave most respectfully to submit in the following list:

Lost-38 men, 38 horses, 2 mules, 1 company wagon and harness, 1 borrowed wagon, 38 guns, 37 pistols, 2,000 rounds cartridges, and our cooking utensils. I would state that I have 6 horses left by the enemy at the Comite Bridge.

All of which, colonel, I most respectfully submit.

I am, colonel, most respectfully, yours,


Captain, Commanding Stuart's Cavalry.

Colonel W. R. MILES,

Miles' Legion.

Number 11. Report of Brigadier General A. Buford, C. S. Army.

MERIDIAN, April 25, 1863.

About 12. 30 to-day the enemy demanded the surrender of Enterprise. General [W. W.] Loring arrived in time with re-enforcements. The enemy (reported to be cavalry, from 500 to 1,500 strong) fell back from Enterprise without attacking. I can hold this place. Nothing lost or destroyed on the Mobile road, and with 500 cavalry could capture the enemy.



Lieutenant-General PEMBERTON, Jackson.

Number 12. Report of Captain S. B. Cleveland, Wirt Adams' (Mississippi) regiment. UNION CHURCH, April 28, 1863-8 p. m.

Notify Colonel [Wirt] Adams, Grand Gulf, General [C. L.] Stevenson, Vicksburg, and General [Franklin] Gardner, Port Hudson, that the enemy are at Union Church, on the Natchez and Hazlehurst road. Tell the operator at Natchez they may look out for them there. I have been skirmishing with them for some hours this evening. Cannot ascertain their strength. They have four pieces of artillery. I have not more than 100 men in line.


Captain, Commanding Detachment Wirt Adams' Regiment.

OPERATOR, Fayette.