War of the Rebellion: Serial 036 Page 0513 Chapter XXXVI. SCOUT TO EARLY GROVE AND MT. PLEASANT, MISS.

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APRIL 5-6, 1863. -Scout from Grand Junction to Saulsbury, Tenn.

Report of Captain Asa W. McDonald, Seventh Illinois Cavalry.

LA GRANDE, TENN., April 11, 1863.

Agreeably to directions, 50 men from Companies F, m, and H, under my command, proceeded on a scout to the vicinity of Saulsbury, a sergeant and 10 men of the Sixth Illinois accompanying as guides. We started soon after 3 o'clock, and proceeded direct to Saulsbury, where we got tidings that a party the evening previous had passed up the State Line road shortly before sunset. We proceeded to the place indicated, and had gone but a short distance when I learned that a party of guerillas had passed direct down the Ripley road, and found the information I had received was correct, as 34 guerrillas had passed about 6 a. m. We followed the trail, and when about 2 miles south from Saulsbury a large mound was discovered, about 2 miles ahead, and when I had arrived at a short distance from the mound, it being some half a mile to our right, I discovered something which I took to be a picket, and moved forward at a brisk pace. I ordered Lieutenant Breeze to take Company F, and advance up the front of the mound and engage them should there be a force there, while I moved around, endeavoring to get in their rear; but they did not stand to receive Lieutenant Breeze, but retreated immediately, Company F giving them a few shots, and then charged after them. They deserted their lead mules, having 2, but Company F pushed them so close that 2 of the 3 prisoners (citizens) they had escaped, and the other they shot dead. I came on the trail at this point, and pursued them about 2 miles farther, but did not succeed in capturing any, as they dispersed in squads of twos and threes at short intervals.


Captain Seventh Illinois Cavalry Regiment, Comdg. Detachment.

[Lieutenant GEORGE A. ROOT,

Adjutant Seventh Illinois Cavalry.]

APRIL 5-7, 1863. -Scout from LA Grange, Tenn., to Early Grove and Mount Pleasant, MISS.

Report of Captain William W. Eaton, SECOND Iowa Cavalry.

LA GRANGE, TENN., April 7, 1863.

SIR: I have the honor to report that, in accordance with orders received at 4. 30 p. m. on the 5th instant, from headquarters First Brigade, Cavalry DIVISION, "for one battalion to proceed immediately southward to Early Grove, thence westerly toward Mount Pleasant, and return by way of Moscow," I started with the THIRD Battalion at 5. 30 p. m., and moved southward on the main Holly Springs road to the point where the Early Grove road leaves it, and thence on the Early Grove road. I encamped for the night on the plantation of ---, about 9 miles southwest of LA Grange, and 6 miles northeast from Early Grove. No information could be gained from any citizen in the neighborhood as to the position or movements of the enemy.

At 4 a. m. on the 6th, started, and reached Early Grove about day-