War of the Rebellion: Serial 036 Page 0429 Chapter XXXVI. SCOUT TO LA FAYETTE AND MOSCOW, TENN., ETC.

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MARCH 10-16, 1863. - Scout to LA Fayette and Moscow, Tenn., and skirmish.


Number 1. - Lieutenant Colonel Thomas P. Herrick, Seventh Kansas Cavalry.

Number 2. - Lieutenant W. J. Floyd, Peach Creek (Confederate) Rangers.

Numbers 1.

Report of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas P. Herrick, Seventh Kansas Cavalry.


March 16, 1863.

GENERAL: On arriving at Mount Pleasant, this afternoon, I found that the enemy had taken the Moscow road, probably with the design of attacking a forage train from that direction to-morrow. I followed them rapidly, and about 5. 30 p. m. came up with 3 pickets. I immediately charged at a gallop, in front and on both flanks, hoping to find them unprepared either for a fight or a run. They had halted to feed at a point on the Mount Pleasant and Moscow road, where two roads diverge, one to the northeast and the other south. On coming in, found them already in the saddle. They did not stop to fire even a single volley, but fled in confusion on both roads toward the south, and rapidly scattered into the timber and fields. We pursued them at the best speed of our horses for 5 miles, when darkness came on, and we were obliged to relinquish the chase. The result, so far as I have been able to learn, is 3 killed, 3 wounded, and 6 prisoners; the rest scattered-God only knows where. This command numbered 150 men, under [W. R.] Mitchell and Floyd; the latter force from the neighborhood of Yazoo Pass. I learned that about 100 of the same force crossed Coldwater, southward, last night, after the fight with Major [Mindret] Wemple. I shall cross Coldwater at an early hour to-morrow morning and try to find them. No one hurt on our side, and the men spoiling for a fight.


I crossed Coldwater at an early hour this morning, at Alexandria's Mills. I met Colonel Prince with detachment of three different regiments. He had been to Hudsonville, thence down south side of Coldwater. I have scoured the country south and WEST to Queen's Mills. Nothing important has occurred. Captain Utt had a long chase after 25 rebels, but their horses were too good. The entire force which attacked Major Wemple is now far south of Coldwater, except about 26, who are between here and railroad. I shall try and find them, and except to be in camp to-night.



Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

Brigadier General A. L. LEE.

Numbers 2.

Report of Lieutenant W. J. Floyd, Peach Creek (Confederate) Rangers.


Peach Creek, MISS., March 27, 1863.

GENERAL: I have the honor to report than on the 10th instant I left camp with 47 men.

The 15th found us near the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, in the