War of the Rebellion: Serial 036 Page 0414 Chapter XXXVI. Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE

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thrown up on the other side. Still have strong hopes of the enemy being unable to force obstructions here. Principal fear is that they may turn one of my flanks, particularly my left front. I order to counteract an attempt in that direction, I have ordered Brigadier-General [J. C.] Moore to move up near the point referred to with the remainder of his brigade. In accordance with your suggestion, I hope then to be able to check the enemy's force; but as heavy additions are reported being made to their force, it will take one correspondingly large to successfully meet them.


Major- General, Commanding.

Lieutenant General J. C. PEMBERTON.


(Received March 18.)

Up to this hour, 9 p. m. the enemy made no demonstration to-day. Got information from Panola and from scouts on Coldwater relative to the two large class boats. Have done all that could be done up to this time to intercept transports. Have given instructions to parties at Panola and up Tallahatchee, at Cassidy Bayou, to have round rafts made and floated down the river into fleet, covered with burning cotton.


Major-General, Commanding.

Lieutenant-General PEMBERTON.

FORT PEMBERTON, March 18, 1863-9 a. m.

GENERAL: My information is positive that the expedition now coming against us is a most formidable one. Have made up our minds to fight it to the bitter end. You may look for nothing but a series of hardly fought battles throughout the whole length of the Yazoo. I must have all the strength here that I can possibly get. Send heavy guns and plenty of ammunition. If we had received ammunition in time, could have prevented the erection of land batteries, but, as it was, could not afford to spend our supply and leave none for their assault. At the same time, I would urge the most vigorous measures for defense of Yazoo City. Lend us and send three heavy guns and plenty of ammunition. I have ordered the guns at Yazoo City up here. Please send order to Yazoo City; also have not the cipher, and do not understand. Send also artillerists for our guns; we need them badly, and have none at all.



Lieutenant General J. C. PEMBERTON.


March 20, 1863-11 a. m.

In consequence of the crippled condition of their gunboats, the injury done to their land batteries, and, from all we can learn, their great loss of life, the enemy have commenced a precipitate up the Talla-