War of the Rebellion: Serial 036 Page 0104 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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are constructing an interior battery to cover the works they have thus virtually lost. Trustworthy advises from Jackson to the 16th show that Joe Johnston had withdrawn his troops thence. A few guards were all the troops there. As I have before reported, Breckinridge was at Clinton. The rebels are endeavoring to establish at Demopolis, on the Tombigbee, the gun-carriage factory we burned at Jackson. Ten thousand troops from Bragg had passed through that place-reenforcements to Joe Johnston. No cavalry was among them nor any heavy artillery.

Weather is hot; thermometer at 95 degrees. The springs from which we get water are becoming bad. They are full of lime from decayed shells.


Honorable E. M. STANTON

Secretary War.

BEHIND Vicksburg, MISS., June 20, 1863-7 a. m.,

VIA MEMPHIS, June 23-9 a. m.

(Received June 26-9. 20 a. m.)

A spy of Admiral Porter, who got into Vicksburg some months ago and has served in an engineer company, came out to us list night. He reports that enemy have mines in front of Sherman, of Ransom, and of Logan. He has worked on that before Sherman. It is made from the ditch of the principal fortifications, so that its explosion will leave the work unharmed, and extends toward the sap, which is now almost in contact with the ditch, there being but about 12 feet between them in front of Logan's position. Of McPherson's lines he does not know the precise position of the mine, but as they talked of exploding it last night, he supposes it must be, like the others, outside of the work, which, as I have before reported, is on the most commanding height of this whole system of defense. On Ransom's front he is also ignorant of the exact position, and cannot say whether the mine covers the position gained by Ransom yesterday morning. Ord reports that at noon yesterday A. J. Smith had also gained the ditch and would mine. The same spy tells us that the garrison, though weak from deficient food and excessive work, generally determined to hold out to the last. Their corn is nearly exhausted, and the ration includes a portion of wheaten flour. They say they can be starved out, but that the place can never be taken otherwise.

A private letter captured at Lake Providence contains the information, which the writer had from an agent of the Confederate Government, that Vicksburg has food enough to hold out to August 1. General Grant opened at 4 o'clock this morning a general cannonade, which is to continue till 10 a. m. We have in position one and a half hundred and eighteen guns. There will be no attack unless a special opportunity should offer. From Joe Johnston we learn that the troops at Yazoo City and the other DIVISION this side of Big Black have been moved back across toward Clinton, leaving only detachments and a body of cavalry on this side. Joe Johnston has also notified C. CHaynes' Bluff, who lately sent a flag of truce by steamboat up Yazoo River to Satartia, that no more flags will bee received by the river, but that they must come by the front. General Grant is doubtful whether these movements of Joe Johnston indicate an attempt to avoid Haynes' Bluff by crossing Big Black near Bridgeport or elsewhere lower down, or whether he is about to attack General Banks at