War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0910 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.

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JULY 14, 1863.


Assign Major wright to temporary rank of colonel, to command any local or other now at Atlanta for defense. local organizations, if further contemplated, should, under an understanding had at the request of the Governor of Georgia with, him, be raised on conference with him, under his guidance and general supervision.

J. A. S. [SEDDON,]



ATLANTA, GA., July 9, 1863.

Colonel J. F. GILMER,

Chief of Engineer Burneau:

DEAR BROTHER GILLMORE: The recent events of the campaign in the south and west make it entirely probable that attempts will be made by Yankee raiding parties to attack this place. I presume it is unnecessary to point out to you the importance of defending it when attacked.

Several attempts have been made by different parties to organize the citizens into a corps for defense, but none have been successful, for want of a head. The provost-marshal and commandant, major [G. W.] Lee, although a very clever man, is yet unfortunately so situated that he cannot, on account of his social position, command public confidence and respect sufficiently to insure the enrollment of the better portion of the citizens. If is the general desire that Major Wright be ordered (from headquarters) to take control of the defense of the place, and I write now to beg that you will, if possible, have the matter arranged. If you could see that Secretary of War, or Attorney-General, and get this done, it night be the means of saving the town from utter destruction. I have talked over the matter to-day with both General G. W. Smith and Colonel [I. M.] St. John, and they permit me to use their names in assurance to you that this is probably the best that could be done. Colonel St. John is warmly interested, on account of securing his niter interests and both he and General Smith agree in recommending that Colonel Gorgas be urged to join his name to yours in this application, and also that you recommend Wright to be appointed in charge (without at all interfering with the provost-marshal and post commander), with such provisional rank as the Adjutant and Inspector General may think proper to bestow.

Major Wright is the only officer here who is competent to the details of the job of putting this town in a state of defense. I he is appointed, it will at once convince our people that something serious is to be done, and they will go into it with enthusiasm. In fact, there is a general cry for him. All others have failed became they din's know how to go to work. If necessary, I could get up a long petition, but do not suppose it will be necessary.

Please answer this by telegraph, as to the project of success. I presume you will know what we want; it is a competent, cool-headed man to take charge. Under Wright we can turn out 2,000 men.

At present all is in confusion.

This is written without Wright's knowledge, but I know he will like it.

Your, &c.,