War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0680 KY.,MID. AND E.TENN.,N.ALA.,AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXV.

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Abstract from tri-monthly return of the Army of Tennessee, General Braxton Bragg commanding, March 10, 1863; headquarters Tullahoma, Tenn.

P r e s e n t f o r d u t y.

Infantry. Cavalry. Artillery.

Command. Officer Men Offi Men Off Men

s cers ice


Polk's corps 1,185 17,302 14 259 38 1,016

Hardee's corps 996 12,621 4 63 34 673

Jackson's 102 1,360 -- --- 6 109


Post Tullahoma 28 275 -- --- -- ---

Artillery --- --- -- --- 17 236


Wheeler's --- --- 753 8,908 -- ---

cavalry corps

General --- --- 5 135 -- ---

Bragg's escort

Total 2,311 31,558 776 9,365 95 2,034

Command. Effective Aggregate Aggregate Aggregate

total present present last

and present


Polk's corps 18,279 24,046 36,963 36,815

Hardee's corps 13,153 17,263 27,301 27,674

Jackson's brigade 1,451 2,319 3,029 2,232

Post Tullahoma 261 403 596 607

Artillery Reserve 227 271 336 339

Wheeler's cavalry 8,848 11,999 18,130 15,481


General Bragg's 134 163 189 185


Total 42,353 56,464 86,544 83,333

NOTE ON ORIGINAL RETURN.-Major-General Van Dorn, commanding cavalry division, on March 1, 1863, reported as follows: Total present, 5,376; aggregate present, 5,807, and has since made no return, although repeatedly urged to do so, and though blanks for that purpose were promptly furnished.

ATLANTA, March 11, 1863.



GENERAL: I spent the most of to-day with Major Cummings, the depot commissary at this post, and found him an intelligent and efficient officer. His report as to supplies and general prospects is rather gloomy, and suggestive of immediate and energetic seeps as necessary to avoid the fast approaching scarcity threatening the army. He has on hand an aggregate of salt meat of all sorts of 8,000,000 pounds, with about 4,000 head of cattle in pasture. Of the former, he supplies the eastern armies with about 500,000 pounds weekly. He tells me that he is the exclusive source of supply for the Virginia army in the matter of salt provisions. Truly a remarkable state of things. At my instance, he has re-enforced his agents in Northern Alabama, and in the counties immediately adjacent to General Bragg's army in Tennessee, by sending 8 or 10 efficient men, with instructions to scout every district in each of the counties. In one of these counties (Lincoln), Colonel V. K. Stevenson informs me there are at least 1,000,000 pounds of salt meat which can be had. In the county of Giles, adjoining, he is of opinion that half as much can be obtained. Stevenson is a reliable man, and familiar wit the country. The difficulty is, and has been, with the agents and officers, want of energy and industry in looking up supplies. Cummings sends State bank money and a supply of molasses and sugar as adjuncts in procuring supplies from the immediate locality, so as to protect the reserves for an emergency and (the eastern army [?]). Stevenson thinks there are three months' supplies in the country contiguous to Bragg's army. I have pointed out to Major Cummings two or three localities in which I am informed there are beef-cattle, and he has ordered agents to go there and purchase.

I am, faithfully, yours,


Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.