War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0598 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXV.

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Stevenson, August ;7, 1863. (Received 3 p. m.)


Your dispatch received. I think the movements well timed to suit ours. Forrest's cavalry is at Kingston; Wheeler across the river; Wharton toward Rome, watching their left. Have thrown provisions into mcMinnville, anticipating your wants. Notify me to what extent you wish me to provide-strength of columns; date and points of camping-that my left may move in concert with you. Don't fail to do this at once. My orders will be issued as soon as your answer is received. Please answer at once.


WASHINGTON, August 7, 1863.


Secretary of War. Washington, D. C.:

SIR: Believing that the interests of the public service now require, and would be greatly promoted by, the organization of a corps of mounted infantry or riflemen, and that, if the requisite authority were given, I should be able to enlist the requisite number of men for that purpose, I respectfully solicit authority to organize and command such a corps. I propose-

1st. To enlist, in States where they may be obtained, 12,000 men, to be organized into a corps, consisting of 10,000 infantry or riflemen, who shall be mounted on mules, and 2,000 cavalry. The men enlisted for the purpose to be not less then eighteen or more than thirty-five years of age, and to serve for eighteenth months, or, if that be impracticable, for a period of three years,a nd to be entitled to all the bounties, advance pay, &c., which are paid to those now enlisting in the volunteer service for a like period.

2nd. That the States in which the troops are enlisted shall have dedit on their quota for the number so enlisted, and that the officers of regiments, battalions, or companies shall be selected and commissioned by the Governor of the State in which the regiment, battalion, or company may be insisted.

3rd. That the corps headquarters or camp for organization and instruction shall be at Bowling Green, Ky., or such other suitable place in Kentucky or Tennessee where the establishment of it may best subserve the interests of the service.

4th. That whenever the requisite number of men are secured in any locality for the organization of a company, the men thereof be furnished with transportation to the nearest mustering officer, who, after inspection, shall muster such company into service, after which it shall be furnished with necessary subsistence and transportation, and be immediately sent to the corps headquarters, there to be armed and equipped.

5th. That the Government select a quartermaster, who has had experience in the purchase of horses and mules, and who enjoys its confidence as an officer fitted for the duty, who shall provide the required number of horses and mules, the necessary clothing, equipments, &c., and have the same furnished as needed at the corps headquarters,and also a commissary, who shall provide the required subsistence for the men while being organized at the corps headquarters.

6th. That there be furnished the proper proportion of mounted or horse artillery for such command, and that the command be armed, the