War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0494 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.

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Manchester, June 1, 1863-3.30 a. m.

GENERAL: *The general commanding announces the following orders: 1st General McCook will move his divisions, now at this place, to the front as soon as practicable, and establish his line, with its right resting on the Lynchburg road and its left closed in on General Thomas; right, holding one division in reserve, in rear of his own left.

2nd. General Crittenden will move his command out on the Hillsborough road as soon as practicable, and follow the first right-hand road, which leads into Sherrill's road. Had will proceed by way of Hill's Chapel, and post one division on General Thomas' left, near Samuel Marrow's, facing about fifteen degrees west of south, and hold the other in reserve, near Hill's Chapel, about one division front, to the rear of the former division.

3rd. General Thomas' reserve will take up a good position in rear of his left, and near Parson Taylor's.

4th. General Stanley will move his cavalry command, as soon as practicable, toward Hillsborough, in the vicinity of Joseph Anderson's, occupying Hillsborough san outpost on his left flank, and opening communication with these headquarters.

5th. Corps commanders will see that their divisions take good military positions, and throw their pickets well to the front.

6th. As soon as practicable, corps engineers will report to these headquarters, with sketches of the ground occupied, and the relative positions of the troops. They will bring their maps for the latest corrections. Division and brigade engineers will report to corps engineers, with their maps for correction, and will furnish all the information they have obtained.

7th. Corps commanders will see that their entrenching and camping tools are kept constantly with their commands, and will direct the opening of roads for the free passage of artillery.

8th. Spare baggage will be left at this place, with the train so parked that it can be easily guarded and readily sent forward. General Crittenden will detail Brigadier General Samuel Beatty to remain here, with his brigade, to assume command of this place, and protect the trains and other public property.

9th. The troops will move with three days' rations and forage, and the minimum amount of baggage.

10th. The attention of corps and division commanders is particularly called to the formation of the lines of battle and encampment. Troopswill be habitually maneuvered in double column, closed en masse; especially the second and third lines should be held in column, and posted in sheltered positions; the lines should habitually bivouac in column, with proper distances for deployment.

11th. It is strictly enjoined upon all commanding officers to keep the artillery masked, as far as possible; it is to be used only against positions and masses. Shelling the woods is strictly forbidden. Every effort will be directed to firing low, and using enfilanding rather than direct fire. Great care should be taken to impress upon officers the necessary of using the musketry of the line only at short range, and making free use of the bayonet.

12th. General headquarters will be establish in the vicinity of Oak Hill Seminary after 1 p. m. to-day.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General and Chief of Staff.


*To Generals Crittenden, McCook, Stanley, Sheridan, and Thomas.