War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0492 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.

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Lebanon, Ky., and other points.

63rd Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel James McManomy.

20th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Hanson.

34th Kentucky, Company G, Captain Christopher C. Hare.

25th Michigan, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin F. Orcutt.

50th Ohio, Colonel Silas A. Strickland.

East Tennessee Scouts (battalion of), Lieutenant Colonel Reuben A. Davis.


Brigadier General HENRY M. JUDAH.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General MAHLON D. MANSON.

107th Illinois, Colonel Joseph J. Kelly.

23rd Michigan, Colonel Marshal W. Chapin.

111th Ohio, Colonel John R. Bond.

14th Illinois Cavalry, Colonel Horace Capron.

5th Indiana Cavalry, Colonel Felix W. Graham.

Elgin (Illinois) Battery, Lieutenant Andrew M. Wood.

Henshaw's (Illinois) battery, Captain Edward C. Henshaw.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General EDWARD H. HOBSON.

80th Indiana, Colonel Lewis Brooks.

13th Kentucky, Colonel William E. Hobson.

16th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel James W. Gault.

9th Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel Richard T. Jacob.

11th Kentucky Cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel William E. Riley.

12th Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel Eugene W.

24th Indiana Battery, Captain Joseph A. Sims.

Third Brigade.


3rd East Tennessee, Major William Cross.

5th East Tennessee, Colonel James T. Shelley.

6th East Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Maynard.

11th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Captain John B. Tyler.

Detachment manning two pieces of artillery, Captain Judge R. Clingan.


Brigadier General JULIUS WHITE.

First Brigade.


65th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel William S. Stewart

14th Kentucky (detachment, seven companies), Colonel George W. Gallup.

14th Kentucky (detachment, three companies), Captain Drew J. Burchett.

10th Kentucky Cavalry (two battalions), Major John M. Brown.

39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Colonel John Dils, jr.

McLaughlin's Squadron Ohio Cavalry, Major Richard Rice.

2nd Illinois Artillery (2nd section, Company M), Captain John C. Philips.

2nd Illinois Artillery (1st section, Company M), Lieutenant W. C. G. L. Stevenson.

Second Brigade.


8th East Tennessee, Colonel Felix A. Reeve.

118th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas L. Young.

5th East Tennessee Cavalry, Colonel Jessee H. Strickland.

10th Kentucky Cavalry (eight companies), Lieutenant Colonel Ralph R. Maltby.

14th Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel Henry C. Lilly.

8th Michigan Cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel Grover S. Wormer.

15th Indiana Battery, Captain John C. H. von Sehlen.

19th Ohio Battery, Captain Joseph C. Shields.