War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0480 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.

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there, I will relieve Van. Cleve's division and push it forward to join you. I have directed General Baird to immediately put the railroad in running order between Shelbyville and Wartrace. From the best information I can obtain, Bragg's army, in mass-horse, foot, and dragoons-are falling back as rapidly as possible upon Bridgeport. I feel confident that the rebel cavalry has abandoned the line of Franklin and Duck River, and are pushing on to join the main column, in the direction of Chattanooga. I have only retained three regiments of cavalry, just barely sufficient to keep the pike open between Murfreesborough and Shelbyville, to protect supplies sent to Baird's command, and also to protect the working parties on the railroad.

Please make your instructions to me, in reference to all that you wish done in the rear, as clear and definite as possible. Frequently I have great trouble in making out your exact meaning, owing to the haste or imperfect manner in which dispatches are written or copied. If you will keep me advise of your wants an wishes, and leave the execution to my direction, we will do the best we know how. I shall be in Murfreesborough to-night, to put things in shape, and get everything fairly and properly started. I may go to Shelbyville to-morrow, but that will depend upon how much I have to do at Murfreesborough, and how long I will be detained there. I will push through the railroad and telegraph without delay.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.


Manchester, June 29, 1863-12.05 p. m.


Your dispatch of 1.45 a. m. to-day is received. In addition to the command of your corps, the general commanding places in your charge all the military posts in this department north of Duck River, without detaching the troops from their commands. Require their commandos to report to you and keep you fully advised of their wants, and of all that occurs in their vicinity affecting the interests of the army. The general commanding will hold you responsible for their military safety. In addition to these duties, he will greatly depend upon you to assist in supplying the column now in motion, until the railroad can be put in repair. It will be necessary to use several routes. The present trains will be sent back by way of Woodbury and Bradyville, and return direct by the Manchester pike. See that these trains are promptly loaded, and that your end of the route is protected. Render all needed assistance to Colonel Innes, commanding Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, in repairing the railroad, and Mr. Van Duser, in restoring the telegraph line. Leave General Bard at Shelbyville for the present. Use your force now at Christiana according to your own discretion, unless it is particularly needed to make the rear secure; if it is, best to keep it well to the front, so that it may be brought forward in case emergency. Ascertain as soon as possible what force the enemy have left north of Duck River. Establish a bureau of information to keep yourself promptly and fully informed of any movement he may make in your district.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General and Chief of Staff.