War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0309 Chapter XXXV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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and placed under the command of Governor Johnson, and indorsed by General Halleck for me to carry in into execution. I shall give the requisite orders, but it is my duty to express the apprehension that we shall thus lose the services of a regiment. I am also apprehensive that having a regiment within the garrison of Nashville not subject to the orders of the general commanding is far more likely to beget discord and trouble than anything else.



CARTHAGE, TENN., May 3, 1863.

(Via Gallatin, May 4-9.30 a.m.)

Brigadier General JAMES A. GARFIELD:

The boats arrived last night. The boat loaded with antiscorbuties sank just above Gallatin. Our men are suffering terribly for want of them. The boats will be sent to Nashville immediately; cannot they be sent back at once with these much-needed articles? Very little clothing-some three hundred pairs of pants-came up. Blouses and pants are greatly needed; many of the men have none.

The rebels are again making their appearance in the Alexandria country, and scattering through the country in all directions. Nothing can be done with them from here without cavalry. It will be necessary to send some of our sick down, if these articles cannot be obtained here soon.






Numbers 99.

Murfreesborough, Tenn., May 3, 1863.

In pursuance of a plan proposed by the assistant inspector-general of this army for the reorganization of his department, the following orders are published for the guidance of all concerned:

I. General Orders. Numbers 6, of November 6, 1862, and the inspection circulares of December 20, 1862, and January 23, 1863, are hereby abrogated.

II. Each division and brigade commander will immediately nominate from his command three energetic and capable officers as inspectors, and forward their names to the corps commanders, who will, from the three approve and appoint one, whose name shall be forwarded to the general commanding for his approval as an inspector, who shall perform all the duties of his office in accordance with this order and the Army Regulations. The inspectors thus appointed will be of the rank of majors for divisions and captains for brigades, unless special authority, in particular cases, be given to appoint officers of less rank. They shall be known as division and brigade inspectors.

III. A monthly and semi-monthly report will be made as heretofore and in accordance with the blanks to be furnished from the office of the assistant inspector-general of the department. The semi-monthly report will embrace the time to the evening of the 14th, and will be made by the brigade inspectors; and, after being approved by the brigade commander, will be handed to the division inspectors by the morning of the 18th. The monthly report will embrace the time up to the end of the month, and will be made and forwarded in the same manner.