War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0264 KY., MID., AND E. TENN., N., ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXV.

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CORINTH, April 21, 1863-12 m.

Major-General HURLBUT:

Received dispatch from Dodge this morning, dated the 20th. The Marine Brigade and Colonel Straight's forces joined them on the night of the 19th. It will take Straight two days to get ready. Only half of his forces are mounted; will have to be mounted in the country. Ellet has no orders to report to Dodge. He is under orders, posted, but will co-operate. Dodge will move Wednesday morning, to strike the enemy at Tuscumbia on Friday. Straight is to move on this night, and go on his work if Dodge will not require his support. Dodge will have to remain there two weeks, to cover Straight's operations. Gunboats have not been able to get over the shoals yet. Dodge had a spirited fight on the 19th on his front, but reports no loss. Enemy are very shy of him; has plenty of rations at Eastport; gets forage from the country: will destroy what he does not use. He thinks the enemy will strongly re-enforce. Will know to-morrow if gunboats can go over shoals.




Corinth, Miss., April 21, 1863.

Brigadier General GRENVILLE M. DODGE:

Your dispatches of the 20th all received this morning. Fuller will join you to-day. The movements you propose are satisfactory. Of course, you are untrammeled as to your movements in the field. Have Ellet go as far up the river as you wish to use his forces in conjunction with your own. Regret the gunboats cannot aid you in the attack on Tuscumbia. I send you six boxes, caliber 52; also more on pack mules. Can you not arrange to receive messages at Hamburg, and relieve my escort there? I have but small cavalry force here; shall have more to-morrow. I have asked for cipher operator to send to you, so that all dispatches falling into the hands of the enemy will be valueless to them. Will send him to-morrow if he comes.

Mrs. Dodge sends you packages. I believe I have informed her when escort starts. So far as I can learn to this time, everything is quiet south of you. Colonel Burke has been instructed to scour the country every day on your right as near to Bear Creek as possible. Have no special news here. General [John G.] Foster, at Washington, N. C., has been re-enforced, and is safe. On the night of the 16th, seven gunboats, three transports, and some flats ran the batteries at Vicksburg. No more fighting at Charleston. I send by messenger a dispatch to Lieutenant Fitch; of no importance, however. I shall support you from this place all I can. Will remain here until you return.

The cavalry force between Iuka and Burnsville will be driven out by Fuller to-day.

Respectfully, yours,



P. S.- Captain [James M.] Irvin reports it impossible to send ammunition on pack mules. I have directed him to send all by ambulance to Hamburg, and trust to getting it from Eastport. I send all men and horses to Major Gilbert to-day, as requested, some 14 to 20 in all.