War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0231 Chapter XXXV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Cincinnati, April 11, 1863.

Major General W. S. ROSECRANS:

I have received the following dispatch from General Wright:

I learn from General Judah that General Rosecrans has ordered the Third Kentucky Cavalry, now at Russellville, to Murfreesborough. This leaves that section without mounted force. This regiment was sent into Kentucky some time ago by General Rosecrans, and it was the understanding with him that it was to remain if certain other mounted force was sent him from Kentucky. I may have misunderstood his agreement. Let it reaming permanently, but this dispatch will show what his understanding was. At any rate it should not be removed without orders from you, and such orders should pass through me.



I will retain the regiment until I hear from you, and if you then want it, I will sent it. Answer.





No. 37. Cincinnati, Ohio, April 11, 1863.

I. Colonel Thomas Swords, Assistant Quartermaster-General, U. S. Army, having been relieved from duty at these headquarters by the Quartermaster-General, and assigned to duty at Louisville, Ky., Captain John H. Dickerson, assistant quartermaster, will be recognized as chief quartermaster at these headquarters, and will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

II. The troops serving in the Department of the Ohio will hereafter be known as the Army of the Ohio. The general headquarters of the Army of the Ohio will be at once removed to the field. The following directions are given in reference to the heads of departments in this city:

1st. Colonel Henry Van Rensselaer, inspector-general, will continue his headquarters in this city, and will be specially charged with the duties of his department in relation to the organizing, equipping, and forwarding troops.

2nd. The positions and duties of Lieutenant Colonel C. L. Kilburn, chief commissary of subsistence; Major F. F. Flint, commissary of musters, and Captain T. Edson, ordnance officer, will remain as they now are, with officers in this city, they having duties to perform for other departments.

3rd. Surg. L. H. Holden, U. S. Army, will continue his headquarters in this city, and have immediate superintendence of the hospitals now under his charge.

4th. Major J. H. Simpson, chief of engineers, will for the present continue his headquarters in this city.

5th. Captain J. M. Cutts, aide-de-camp, is announced as judge-advocate of the Department of the Ohio, to date from March 25, 1863. He will continue his office in this city.

6th. A branch office of the adjutant-general's department will remain in Cincinnati, under the charge of Major N. H. McLean, with the officers now attached to it, to whom all official communications relating to States in this department north of the Ohio River will be addressed.

7th. All these departments will remain subject to the orders and instructions of the commanding general, except in cases where their duties do not appertain to the Department of the Ohio.

8th. The heads of departments at Louisville will remain unchanged.