War of the Rebellion: Serial 035 Page 0018 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXV.

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masters, and laborers, and by the medical department as hospital attendants.

II. Negroes may be employed, and paid in conformity with the act of Congress, as follows:

1st. As teamsters, on quartermaster's trains, provided a sufficient number of white teamsters and wagon-masters are retained to preserve order.

2nd. As laborers, in the quartermaster and engineer departments.

3rd. As cooks, nurses, and attendants in hospitals.

4th. As company cooks, two to a company.

5th. As officers' servants, according to the number allowed by law.

Commanders of corps, divisions, brigades, and independent posts are authorized to procure and employ negroes as above:

1st. From those found free and roaming at large.

2nd. From those belonging to masters serving in the rebel army, or who have been employed in any manner in the rebel service.

3rd. From those belonging to persons who, though not now serving in the rebel cause, are disloyal, or have children or other near relatives in the rebel army, who are benefitted or maintained by the labor of such slaves.

Lastly, when it becomes an absolute necessity, from among those belonging to loyal men. In this case a copy of the order directing their employment, and a descriptive list of persons so employed, shall be given to the owner, duly authenticated by the commanding officer of the troops in whose service they are employed.

The commanding general enjoins great caution in the employment of women in any case where it might lead to immorality.

III. All persons so employed in each regiment, except those employed as officers' servants, will be entered on quartermasters' rolls as laborers or teamsters, stating their age, sex, name of master or claimant, date of employment, and the length of time employed; and in the column of "remarks" will be noted on what duty and by whom employed. Those employed by the engineer, quartermaster, or medical departments will be entered on their appropriate rolls. They will be provided with clothing, to be deducted from their pay, the balance to be paid to the person employed, unless he belong to a loyal master, in which case payment will be made to the master.

Every negro thus employed will receive a certificate from his employer, setting forth the fact and nature of his employment, and no male or female negro will remain in camp or be subsisted therein without such certificate.

IV. Commanding officers and medical directors of corps, divisions, brigades, and posts are directed to substitute hired labor as far as practicable for that of detailed men, and are ordered to return all soldiers now performing such duty to their regiments as fast as their places can be supplied.

By command of Major-General Rosecrans:


Assistant Adjutant-General and Chief of Staff.




Numbers 6.

Murfreesborough, January 27, 1863.

So much of General Orders, Numbers 1, from these headquarters, as assigns Brigadier-General Morgan, Fourth Division, to the command of