War of the Rebellion: Serial 034 Page 0719 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.

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Colonel Sanders will reach Eminence? I will send special train or messenger to him. I have sent courier to General Judah to move to Elizabethtown, and report his arrival to me.



LOUISVILLE, July 10, 1863-4 p.m.


Morgan passed from Corydon toward Salem, which he occupied today; part of town was fired. Last reports that he moved northward from there. I believe unless he concludes to go to National road, and go through Indiana, and thence to Western Virginia, he will endeavor to cross above this city, and take Madison at Grass Flats, where he will attempt to ford. Hobson is in pursuit. Don't know where General Judah is. If Morgan crosses above, he will move for Frankfort, Harrodsburg, or Lexington. I will advise you of his movements as I am informed.



LOUISVILLE, July 10, 1863-8.30 p.m.

Major-General HARTSUFF, Stanford:

At 5 o'clock Morgan was at Canton, 34 miles from New Albany Railroad. He will move from there to Charlestown, near Ohio River, to cross, or he may go to Vienna, on Jeffersonville Railroad, and thence 35 miles to Madison Shoalwater, just below. Colonel Pennebaker telegraphs General Judah is at Litchfield, waiting orders from you. If he was at the river, where transports could be sent, or at railroad, he might be brought up in time to intercept Morgan. I gave him orders, by General Burnside's direction, but he would not receive them. Hobson is in pursuit; where he is I do not know.



JULY 10, 1863.

General HARTSUFF, Stanford, Ky.:

Please send me, at the earliest possible moment, an approximate statement of the number and description of the forces at Stanford, Danville, and Camp Nelson. Send it as near as possible in your memory; send in cipher. I have ordered Sanders to Eminence, on Louisville and Frankfort Railroad, to watch Morgan if he attempts to cross the Ohio opposite Bedford, and then pass out through Owenton and Mount Sterling. He burned Salem, Ind., this morning, which is the last we have heard of him. Hobson finished his crossing last night at Brandenburg, and is in hot pursuit. We hear nothing of Judah since he arrived at Litchfield, day before yesterday. My reason for wanting the description of your force is with a view to moving some troops in the neighborhood of Georgetown and Paris, to intercept Morgan if he attempts to go out that way.

Please answer at once.