War of the Rebellion: Serial 034 Page 0598 KY., MID AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXV.

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in readiness to move at a moment's warning. At about 4 p. m. an order came to move out on the Liberty Gap road as rapidly as possible. The regiment was immediately put in mention, and at about 5.30 p. m. I reached a point half a mile in rear of Liberty Gap, our troops having been forced to fall back this distance from the gap. I was at once ordered by the brigadier-general commanding to assume a position on a hill to the left of the brigade. As soon as this was complied with, I at once deployed as skirmishers Companies G and B, commanded, respectively, by Captain [W. P.] Witt and First Lieutenant [J.] Drennen. The enemy had a force of cavalry in my front, but the distance was so great that I directed these officers not to permit their men to fire. I remained here until about dark, when the order was given to retreat en echelon by the right, which was at once done without my being at all pressed by the enemy. I halted on the Liberty Gap road about three-quarters of a mile in rear of the position first taken. I was there ordered to fall back in rear of the brigade to my old camp, and to leave one company to picket the road. For this purpose Captain [T. A. M.] Ellis, Company C, was detailed, and posted as directed by the brigadier-general commanding. The regiment reached the encampment at Bellbuckle about 10 p. m. Here two day's rations were prepared, which occupied the men until 2 a. m. 25th ultimo. At about 6.30 a. m. I was ordered to move out on the Liberty Gap road. I obeyed, and had advanced about 1 mile when I received orders from the brigadier-general commanding to proceed immediately to the Fosterville road. I instantly complied, and took a position about 1 mile from Bellbuckle and near Mr. Blair's house.

Here I remained with a section of artillery (sent me by Brigadier-General [S. A. M.] Wood), commanded by Lieutenant [R. W.] Goldthwaite (four companies were deployed as skirmishers), until the next morning (the 26th ultimo). At about 7 a. m. I received orders from the brigadier-general commanding to move promptly to a position about 3 miles distant, on an eminence to the left of the Liberty Gap road, near Mr. Suggs's house. This order was at once obeyed, and I remained here with First Lieutenant Drennen's company (B) deployed as skirmishers on my left until 8 p. m. There was no firing from my line of skirmishers, the enemy being beyond the effective range of my muskets. At about 8 p. m. I was ordered to relive a regiment of Wood's brigade, posted on the right of Liberty Gap road, preparatory to the retrograde movement of the forces on this road. This was done with all dispatch, and at 9 p. m. I was in position, Wood's brigade having been withdrawn toward Bellbuckle. I remained here until about 1 a. m., when I received orders from the brigadier-general commanding to move without delay to Fairfield road, and take position to meet the enemy. By 2 a. m. I was in position on this road, having left Lieutenant-Colonel [G. F.] Baucum to picket the Liberty Gap road. At 3 a. m. I received orders to quit the Fairfield road and to assume a position at 5 a. m. on the Liberty Gap road about 1 mile from Bellbuckle. Just as these dispositions had been completed, I was relieved by a regiment of Colonel [T.] Harrison's cavalry brigade, and ordered to fall back to Bellbuckle, from which point we at once proceeded toward Tullahoma. There were no casualties during the three days.

Although the regiment was not engaged with the enemy, yet the incessant rains and the many positions assumed during the three days' operations heavily taxed both officers and men, who from the repeated showers were thoroughly drenched, and thus prevented from [getting]