War of the Rebellion: Serial 034 Page 0547 Chapter XXXV. THE MIDDLE TENNESSEE CAMPAIGN.

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No. 62. Report of Colonel Archibald P. Campbell, Second Michigan Cavalry, commanding First Brigade.


Camp near Decherd, July 6, 1863.

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of the First Brigade, First Division of Cavalry, since its departure from Triune, June 23, 1863, to the present date:

June 23, marched from Triune, by the Shelbyville pike, through Eagleville. Soon after leaving the latter place, the Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry commenced a brisk skirmish with the enemy, driving 300 rebel cavalry before them rapidly for a distance of 2 miles, when they were relieved by the Second Michigan Cavalry, dismounted, which regiment drove the enemy from their encampment at Rover. The latter burned their tents and other camp equipage. Here they opened upon us with artillery. Our skirmishers advancing, drove the enemy 2 miles, when at attack was made upon our right flank by artillery and a charge by cavalry, which was instantly repulsed by the Fourth Kentucky Cavalry and First East Tennessee Cavalry. The enemy leaving, we bivouacked until 3 a.m. next morning, and marched at daylight toward Middleton, via Versailles. The Second Michigan Cavalry, dismounted, I ordered to the advance, and they drove a stubborn enemy from their chosen position in a ravine and in log buildings of the town, and, with the aid of artillery, completely routed the enemy, with severe loss in killed and wounded. Each regiment of the brigade acted well their part in driving the enemy out of sight. A battalion of the Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry, dismounted, deserve credit for their bravery on this occasion.

At dark the command was ordered back 5 miles toward Salem, and camped for the night, and next morning crossed over to Murfreesborough and Shelbyville pike.

June 27, marched toward Shelbyville. Skirmished the enemy from Fosterville to Guy's Gap, when the Second Cavalry Division took the advance until arriving near Shelbyville, when its brigade was ordered forward and took the left column of the charge into Shelbyville, taking a large number of prisoners and driving many of the enemy into Duck River in their confusion.

Next day, returned to Guy's Gap for forage, and on the morning of June 29 marched to Shelbyville, Fairfield, and Beech Grove, and the day following toward Manchester, and encamped near Walker's Mill.

July 2, marched at 2 a.m.; passed through Manchester on Hillsborough road to Elk River.

July 3, marched through Decherd to Cowan Station, where some prisoners were taken, without fighting. The enemy's pickets fled to the mountains at our approach. We returned to Decherd same day.

The casualties are as follows: In the Second Michigan Cavalry-June 23, at Rover, 1 private slightly wounded; 24th, at Middleton, 1 private slightly wounded, and, 27th, at Shelbyville, 3 privates missing. In Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry-3 privates wounded; Captain Gilbert Waters killed by falling from his horse at the charge into Shelbyville. In First East Tennessee Cavalry-June 23, at Rover, 1 private killed and 1 taken prisoner; June 24, 1 private severely wounded, and July