War of the Rebellion: Serial 034 Page 0433 Chapter XXXV. THE MIDDLE TENNESSEE CAMPAIGN.

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ford, and was informed by rebel prisoners that their retreat was by way of Pelham and Cowan, and across the mountains.

On the morning of the 3rd, Rousseau's and Brannan's troops crossed the river at Jones' Ford, and took up a position on the Winchester and Hillsborough road, crossing their artillery and trains of both divisions. Negley's division and entire train crossed the ford on the Winchester and Manchester pike. The troops of Reynolds' division crossed at the same place, leaving his ordnance train on the north side of the river, to be crossed in the morning.

On the 4th, Rousseau's division marched to the Decherd and Pelham road, and took up a position at Featherstone's. Negley took up a position at Brakefield Point. Reynolds' division encamped at Pennington's, and Brannan's division at Taite's; the two latter positions on the Decherd, Winchester, and McMinnville road. The order to halt was received at 2 p.m. this day, and the details directed to be made for the repairs at 2 p.m. this day, and the details directed to be mae for the repairs of roads were ordered. Location of corps headquarters on the Winchester and McMinnville road, half way between Taite's and Pennington's.

The position of division of my corps are substantially the same to this date.

Without particularizing or referring to individual merit in any one division of my command, I can render willing testimony to the manly endurance and soldierly conduct of both officers and men composing my corps, marching day and night, through a most relentless rain, and over almost impassable roads, bivouacking by the roadside, ever ready and willing to "fall in" and pursue the enemy whenever ordered, with a cheerfulness and determination truly admirable, and no less commendable when confronting the enemy; fearless and undaunted their columns never wavered, giving the highest proof of their veteran qualities, and showing what dependence can be placed upon them in time of peril.

For particulars, incidents, and the part taken by the different divisions, brigades, and regiments, of my corps in the engagements mentioned in my report, I respectfully refer you to the accompanying reports of the division commanders.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General U. S. Volunteers, Commanding.

Brigadier General JAMES A. GARFIELD.

Chief of Staff, Department of the Cumberland.


Officers. Enlisted men.

Command. Kill Wound Miss Kille Wound Missi Aggr

ed ed ing d ed ng egat


First Division - 3 - 4 39 - 46

Second Division 1 - - 1 5 2 9

Third Division - 1 - 4 59 1 65

Fourth Division - - - 15 47 - 62

Total* 1 4 - 24 150 3 182


*But see revised statement, p. 419.