War of the Rebellion: Serial 034 Page 0401 Chapter XXXV. THE MIDDLE TENNESSEE CAMPAIGN.

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Numbers 60. - Major General David S. Stanley, U. S. Army, commanding Cavalry, Army of the Cumberland.

Numbers 61. - Brigadier General Robert B. Mitchell, U. S. Army, commanding First Cavalry Division.

Numbers 62. - Colonel Archibald P. Campbell, Second Michigan Cavalry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 63. - Colonel Edward M. McCook, Second Indiana Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 64. - Colonel Oscar H. La Grange, First Wisconsin Cavalry.

Numbers 65. - Colonel Louis D. Watkins, Sixth Kentucky Cavalry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 66. - Brigadier General John T. Turchin, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.

Numbers 67. - Colonel Robert H. G. Minty, Fourth Michigan Cavalry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 68. - Lieutenant Colonel Robert Klein, Third Indiana Cavalry.

Numbers 69. - Major Frank W. Mix, Fourth Michigan Cavalry.

Numbers 70. - Captain Alfred Abeel, Fourth Michigan Cavalry.

Numbers 71. - Lieutenant Colonel William B. Sipes, Seventh Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Numbers 72. - Captain James B. McIntyre, Fourth U. S. Cavalry.

Numbers 73. - Colonel Eli Long, Fourth Ohio Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 74. - Colonel Thomas P. Nicholas, Second Kentucky Cavalry.

Numbers 75. - Lieutenant Colonel Elijah S. Watts, Second Kentucky Cavalry.

Numbers 76. - Colonel Beroth B. Eggleston, First Ohio Cavalry.

Numbers 77. - Major Thomas J. Patten, First Ohio Cavalry.

Numbers 78. - Major James N. Scott, First Ohio Cavalry.

Numbers 79. - Major Charles B. Seidel, Third Ohio Cavalry.

Numbers 80. - Lieutenant Chancey L. Cook, Third Ohio Cavalry.

Numbers 81. - Lieutenant Colonel Oliver P. Robie, Fourth Ohio Cavalry.

Numbers 82. - Major George W. Dobb, Fourth Ohio Cavalry.

Numbers 83. - Major Robert E. Rodgers, Fourth Ohio Cavalry.

Numbers 84. - Lieutenant Colonel Charles B. Lamborn, Fifteenth Pennsvylvania Cavalry.

Numbers 85. - Captain James H. Stokes, Stokes' (Illinois) battery.

Numbers 86. - Lieutenant Sylvanus H. Stevens, Stokes' (Illinois) battery.

Numbers 87. - Brigadier General J. St. Clair Morton, U. S. Army, commanding Pioneer Brigade, Department of the Cumberland.

Numbers 88. - Colonel William P. Innes, First Michigan Engineers.

Numbers 89. - General Braxton Bragg, C. S. Army, commanding Army of Tennessee.

Numbers 90. - Abstracts from return of Department Numbers 2 for June 20 and July 10, 1863.

Numbers 91. - Major General P. R. Cleburne, C. S. Army, commanding division, Hardee's corps.

Numbers 92. - Brigadier General St. John R. Liddell, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 93. - Colonel D. C. Govan, Second Arkansas Infantry.

Numbers 94. - Colonel L. Featherston, Fifth Arkansas Infantry.

Numbers 95. - Lieutenant Colonel Peter Snyder, Sixth Arkansas Infantry, commanding Sixth and Seventh Arkansas.

Numbers 96. - Colonel J. H. Kelly, Eighth Arkansas Infantry.

Numbers 97. - Colonel J. E. Josey, Fifteenth Arkansas Infantry, commanding Thirteenth and Fifteenth Arkansas.

Numbers 98. - Captain Charles Swett, Warren Light Artillery.

Numbers 99. - Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson, C. S. Army, commanding brigade, Stewart's division, Hardee's corps.

Numbers 100. - Brigadier General Joseph Wheeler, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Corps.

Numbers 102. - Notes of Lieutenant W. B. Richmond, aide-de-camp to Lieutenant-General Polk, on movement of Army of Tennessee from Tullahoma to Chattanooga, June 26-July 7.