War of the Rebellion: Serial 034 Page 0333 Chapter XXXV. SCOUT FROM CHARKSVILLE, TENN.

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MAY 17, 1863.- Skirmish on Bradyville Pike, Tenn.

Report of Major General John M. Palmer, U. S. Army.


Cripple Creek, Tenn., may 17, 1863.

CAPTAIN: For several days parties of rebels have come out on the Bradyville road from Dug Hollow, and then come up to Youry's, 3 1/2 miles from camp, and have told the people they were very anxious to see the Yanks at Cripple Creek. I determined several days ago to give them a dash as soon as I was ready.

On yesterday I rode out with my escort to Youry's. I had 20 men. This morning, well satisfied that "the loyal citizens" had given them information of movements, and that they would be watching for me, I started at 7 o'clock with two companies of Tennessee cavalry, 60 men, my escort, 25 men, and 6 volunteers from Cruft's officers,, and rode out on the same road. When I got to Youry's, I was told that 80 of the Third Georgia Cavalry, under Lieutenant-Colonel [R.] Thompson, had been there an hour before. I pushed on, taking the left-hand road, with the hope of reaching the Bradyville pike between them and their camp. We reached the pike, turned toward Murfreesborough, and had not proceeded more than a quarter of a mile when we perceived them in a lane, apparently uncertain whether we were coming or not. We did not wait to fire, but went at them at full speed. We came on them under a quick fire, but they broke when we got within 100 yards. We pursued them a mile, and have 18 prisoners. I do not know how many were killed or wounded. The enemy, after they reached the woods, rallied, and fought well, but they had no sabers, and only inflicted a few slight wounds. Five is the whole number wounded on our side. We had 2 or 3 horses ruined, but we took a number.

I inclose a list of prisoners.* We had Lieutenant-Colonel Thompson at one time, but he escaped. Fifteen prisoners are sent forward; 3 are wounded, amongst whom is Captain Miller [R. M. Willis], Company C, Third Georgia.

All quiet in front.

Very respectfully,


Major-General, Commanding.

MAY 20-22, 1863.- Scout from Clarksville, Tenn.

Report of Colonel Sanders D. Bruce, Twentieth Kentucky Infantry.

CLARKSVILLE, May 22, 1863.

My men have returned from three days' scout on side of the Cumberland. Captured 8 prisoners, and have destroyed three flat-boats in Yellow Creek. Some one destroyed small trestle on railroad, 10 miles from here, last night. All quiet on river.


Colonel, Commanding.



* Omitted.