War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 1144 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV

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General Holmes (as I mentioned in another letter) has issued orders for the protection and safe conduct of all articles introduced by Colonel Sappington, and special instructions to all officers under his command to facilitate him by all means in their power. He is authorizing to bring any and every thing. A more satisfactory arrangement could not well be made.

How much I wish you were now! I hope you have succeeded in accomplishing something satisfactory and profitable on the other side. Whenever you think my services wanted on the other side of the river, I shall be ready, on notification from you, to go over; but unless you have succeeded in making arrangements to run the blockade with heat, to be paid in cotton, it seems to me I can best subserve our interests by remaining here. It strikes me our way is clearly open for us to make our fortune here, but I would prefer to make it by bringing in meat for the army.

Mr. Sappington has started for Memphis and may go into the city. I gave him a letter for you.

Yours, very truly,


[P. S.]-I have given my official signature to the letter, which makes it as good to you as the original.


LITTLE ROCK, April 10, 1863.


DEAR SIR: In regard to the price and place of delivery of supplies for the army in Arkansas, Major Benton authorizes me to say that it is impracticable to set a specific price on the articles, but that you will be paid as liberally as others, or the price may be submitted to referees, or, if you are not satisfied with the Government price, the supplies will be left with you to dispose of as you think proper.

The delivery must be at some post within our line safe from the raids of the enemy, and accessible to the agents of the Government or officers of the army. Steamboats, should you use them in the delivery of the supplies, should land at some point on the White or Arkansas Rivers.

Yours, very truly,



Major, and Assistant Quartermaster District of Arkansas.


Little Rock, April 11, 1863.

The bearer, Captain W. F. Moore, is hereby authorized to procure from beyond the enemy's lines supplies for the army to an unlimited extent, which I will receive at any point, within our lines, on the White or Arkansas Rivers, and pay the money for them on delivery.


Major, Chief Quartermaster.


By order of Major-General Price:


Assistant Adjutant-General.