War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 1132 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV

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manded by a commissioned brigadier-general. Brigadier-General Waul arrived while I was in Texas, but was not in command of troops in the filed whilst I was there. It is just to him to state that, having been a long time absent from home, I was informed he had gone home on short leave. Lieutenant-general commanding informed me he had ordered Brigadier-General Rust to report to Major-General Magruder, to be assigned to duty, if agreeable to the major-general commanding. There are needed two or three good, efficient disciplinarian officers. It is of great importance to render efficient regimental and company officers as well as the troops. For a list of brigadier-generals and staff, I refer you to paper marked O.*

Assistant Adjutant-General's of Division and Brigades.-The officers in the assistant adjutant-general's department on duty had their offices in good condition, and seemed attentive to their duties.

Inspectors of Divisions and Brigades.-This duty had been greatly neglected, owing to the want of good officers but under the new organization of the troops into brigades, it is hoped that there will be new life and spirit infused into this branch of the service, which has impressed me as of the greatest importance to the army to have frequent and thorough inspection.

Troops.-Drill, discipline, and general efficiency, except the regiments of Colonels Cook, Elmore, Luckett, Debray, and Bates, are very poor. The regiments I expected are very good. The spirits of the troops are good, and with proper discipline will make a fine army. The troops are well fed and clothed. The horses of the cavalry tolerably good. Owing to the want of proper discipline, I found the arms, except in those regiments before excepted, in bad condition for use. One-half of the troops are armed with the domestic gun of the country, a large portion of which would be of little service in a battle. The number is as follows:

Command. Present for Aggregate,

duty. present and


Infantry and artillery 3,807 6,698

Cavalry 3,766 6,269

Brigadier-General Green's command

had arrived in Texas; by adding 2,339 5,608

his present for duty (it being


State troops 1,529 3,960

Total 11,441 22,535

Quartermasters of District.-In books, cash, and papers I found no errors. They still had on hand their quarterly returns, since July last. Not half of them bonded or commissioned properly. I refer you to papers marked P,* from Captain Wharton, chief of clothing bureau in Texas; also to reports from Major Russell, marked Q,# concerning the trade with Mexico; also to list of quartermasters,marked QQ.*

Transportation.-Limited. The railroads in Texas in bad condition. Respectfully refer you to the papers from the president of New Orleans and Texas Railroad (R).* It is important that this railroad should be kept in good condition, as it assists in keeping up communication with Louisiana, and enable supplies to be sent to Sabine Pass; indeed, without the road it would be impossible to hold Sabine Pass.

Commissaries.-I found no errors in accounts or cash,but the same embarrassment that exists among many of the disbursing officers exists



#Printed in Series I, Vol. XXVI.