War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 1128 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV

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FEBRUARY 16, 1864.

Consolidated inspection report of Trans-Mississippi Department, made by order of the Adjutant and Inspector-General of the Confederate States Army.

Lieutenant General E. Kirby Smith, Commanding Department.-Third officer possesses the confidence of the people and the army; gives his attention to his duties, and deserves the great confidence reposed in him.

Assistant Adjutant-General's Office.-In excellent condition, evincing great system in all its details. Paper marked A will show a list of staff officers.*

Assistant Inspector-General's Office.-Great energy and capacity is displayed in the performance of the duties of this branch of the service. I would respectfully call attention to the reports and papers obtained from this office, showing the system and results of the inspection of the department, marked A.#

Chief Quartermaster's Department.-Competency and capacity evinced by the system of the officers, and great accuracy in the accounts and distribution of the funds. Money is greatly needed. The large drafts sent to this department from Treasury Department at Richmond it has been impossible to use. I beg leave to refer you to the report of Colonel O'Bannon, marked B, chief quartermaster. The plan adopted of requiring the quarterly returns of the different offices to be sent to this office for examination will work great good, and enable the lieutenant-general commanding to ascertain the incompetent officers in this department. The inspection of this office was very satisfactory. It is proper to state that not one-half of the quartermasters of the Trans-Mississippi Department are properly bonded or appointed, which renders doubly important the frequent examination of their accounts. Since the fall of Vicksburg it has been impossible, almost, to transmit papers of this character to Richmond. The troops are tolerably well clothed. I refer you to Major Haynes' report on the subject of clothing, marked C, and Major Carr's report marked D, chief paymaster of the department, concerning the payment of the troops. They have been paid up to August 30, 1863.

Chief Commissary Department.-In the hands of able and good men, who are doing their duty. I refer you to report of Major Thomas, marked E,for information concerning supplies. There is no scarcity, and the troops are generally well fed. Beef, corn, molasses, and sugar are abundant. The same system has been adopted in this as in the quartermaster's department to ferret out incompetent officers. Large numbers of acting assistant commissaries not properly bonded nor appointed. Paper marked E#, for list of officers and agents subsistence department.

Chief of Ordnance Department.-I refer you to Major-General Huger's report,marked F, and Major Rhett's report to me, marked G. They both impressed me as competent officers endeavoring to do their duty. The resources of the depot are ample, with a little more time and proper amount of funds, to supply all the ammunition needed. There is plenty on hand for immediately use, and small-arms cannot be made in the department in such quantities as are needed, and I would urge the absolute necessity of thirty thousand stand being sent to the department immediately. They are greatly needed. With them the department would be rendered able for offensive movements. There is sufficient


*Omitted, with other inclosures relating to matters of detail.