War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 1067 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Dobbin's Brigade.

Newton's (Arkansas) regiment.

Collin's (Missouri) company.

Cummins' (Missouri) company.

Denson's (Louisiana) company.

Deadrick's (Missouri) company.

Greene's Brigade.

Burbridge's (Missouri) regiment.

Jeffers' (Missouri) regiment.

Young's (Missouri) battalion.

Griswold's battery.

Shelby's Brigade.

Elliot's (Missouri) battalion.

Jeans' (Missouri) regiment.

Shelby's (Missouri) regiment.

Thompson's (Missouri) regiment.


Bankhead's Brigade.

Gurley's (Texas) cavalry.

Krumbhaar's battery.

Cooper's Brigade.

Jumper's (Seminole) battalion.

Martin's (Texas) cavalry.

De Morse's (Texas) cavalry.


Desha Rangers (W. T. Malcombe).

Miller's (Arkansas) cavalry company.

Saint Martin's (Louisiana) Rangers (E. W. Fuller).

Wood's (Missouri) battalion Partisan Rangers (eight companies).

MERIDIAN, November 11, 1863.

Colonel J. GORGAS,


Lieutenant-General Smith has an officer here who thinks, and so does the general, that arms may be sent below the mouth of the Big Black.




No. 53.

Shreveport, La., November 12, 1863.

In accordance with instructions from the Secretary of War, an auxiliary branch of the "Army Intelligence Office," subsidiary to that in the city of Richmond, is hereby established for the Trans-Mississippi Department, at Shreveport, La., under the superintendence of Mr. R. S. Thomas; its object being to inform the friends and relatives of sick and wounded soldiers of their whereabouts and condition; to facilitate communication with the army, and to secure a correct list of the deaths which have occurred, or may hereafter occur, among our troops, whether within our lines or those of the enemy.

To the accomplishment of these ends, all surgeons will furnish to the intelligence office, through the proper channels, and with the least possible delay, a list of the sick and wounded now in hospital, and a list of the deaths among those who may have been under their charge, giving the name, rank, company, and regiment; whether the death was caused by sickness or wounds. In the case of a death in hospital, the date of the admission of the deceased should be given. Hereafter weekly reports embracing the above specified particulars must be forwarded promptly to the intelligence office, through the proper channels.