War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0974 MO., ARK., KANS., IND.T., AND DEPT. N.W. Chapter XXXIV.

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names: E. C. Singer, J. D. Brannan, R. W. Dunn, B. A. Whitney, D. Bradbury, James Jones, C. E. Tracy, J. R. Fretwell,and L. C. Hirschburger (also approved by Secretary of War).

WAR DEPARTMENT, C. S. A, Richmond, Va., August 21, 1863.

Lieutenant General E. KIRBY SMITH,

Commanding, &c.:

GENERAL: General [H. W.] Allen, just made a brigadier, has been ordered to report to you, with instructions to rendezvous certain regiments of paroled prisoners at Shreveport or such other points as you may designate. He is likewise expected, by his personal influence and exertions, to bring back to the service many stragglers and deserters,and recruit his forces from those not accessible. It is hoped a brigade will be raised,to the command of which he will naturally be assigned; but,should this expectation prove delusive, you will best know to what duty to assign this officer, who has justly won a high character for gallantry and ability.

I avail myself of the opportunity of sending you a copy of a letter,* lately written by me to General Johnston, urging his co-operation in establishing and maintaining communications, and transmission of mails and money across the Mississippi. You will perceive, from the suggestions I have made, that I think, with proper understanding had between him and yourself as to your operations on the different banks, passage may be recovered at various and different set times with little trouble or danger.

In several letters of late I have so urged your attention to the importance of interrupting the enemy's trade and communication upon the Mississippi that I deem it unnecessary to trouble you further with suggestions on that point. Should those communications have failed to reach you, the letter to General Johnston, inclosed will possess you of my views,which have likewise been explained orally to General Johnston, inclosed,will possess you of my views, which have likewise explained orally to General Allen.

With my earnest wish for your success and that of our cause, I remain,with high respect,truly yours,


Secretary of War.

HDQRS. DEPARTMENT OF THE INDIAN TERRITORY, Camp on Brookin's Creek, August 21, 1863.

Brigadier General W. L. CABELL, in the Field:

GENERAL: As grass and water are necessary articles, your camp must be made with reference to them. You will probably have to get water from the Poteau. If any arrangements can be made to get forage for your horses it must be done. The tax of one-tenth should furnish you with sufficient. Lieutenant [J. J.] Du Bose has received a lot of better powder. Send him all the cartridges you have with bad powder,to be refilled. Assume the immediate direction of affairs in your vicinity, and ascertain, if possible, the strength of the enemy in Northwestern Arkansas. Any important information you may get report to me,and send


*Of August 19. See p.971.