War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0851 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Abstract from approximate return of the Trans-Mississippi Department, commanded by Lieutenant General E. Kirby Smith, for May, 1863; headquarters Shreveport, La.

Present for duty.

Command. Officers. Men.

District of Arkansas 1,421 17,772


District of Texas, New 424 6,430

Mexico, and Arizona


District of West ... ...

Louisiana (Taylor)+

Total# 1,845 24,202

Continuation: Pieces of artillery.

Command. Heavy. Field. Mountain.

District of Arkansas ... ... ...


District of Texas, New 11 23 1

Mexico, and Arizona


District of West ... ... ...

Louisiana (Taylor)+

Total# 11 23 1


Command. Aggregate present Aggregate present

and absent

District of Arkansas 22,264 34,551


District of Texas, New 8,125 11,470

Mexico, and Arizona


District of West ... ...

Louisiana (Taylor)+

Total# 30,389 46,021

Composition of Frost's division (Defenses of Lower Arkansas), May 31, 1863.

First Brigade.

Colonel JOHN B. CLARK, Jr.

Clark's regiment, Lieutenant Colonel M. W. Buster.

Mitchell's regiment, Colonel Chas. S. Mitchell.

Musser's battalion, Lieutenant Colonel R. H. Musser.

Ruffner's battery, Captain S. T. Ruffner.

Not brigaded.

19th Arkansas, Colonel C. L. Dawson.

12th Texas Cavalry, Colonel W. H. Parsons.

Rector's company,$ Captain W. G. Rector.

Richardson's company, Lieutenant J. J. Brooks.

Peoples' company, Lieutenant S. J. Peoples.

McKie's (Texas) squadron, Captain M. M. Boggess.


Little Rock, Ark., June 2, 1863.

Numbers 71.

Brigadier General L. M. Walker, having reported for duty, is assigned to the command of a brigade, to be composed of Dobbin's and Newton's regiments Arkansas cavalry. He will proceed without delay to organize this brigade. This Arkansas brigade and Carter's brigade Texas troops will form a division, to be commanded by Brigadier-General Walker, who, with his division, is assigned to the command of the district of country lying between the Lower White River and the Saint Francis and Mississippi Rivers. Brigadier-General Walker will report direct to these headquarters.

Greene's, Burbridge's, and Jeffers' regiments and Kitchen's battalion Missouri troops will form a brigade, to be commanded by Brigadier General J. S. Marmaduke. This brigade and Shelby's brigade Missouri troops will form a division, to be commanded by Brigadier-General Marmaduke.

The brigadier-generals in command of divisions will also exercise immediate command over their respective brigades.

* * * * * * *

By command of Lieutenant-General Holmes:


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

* Five regiments cavalry not included; estimated 3,500.

+ No returns received.

# NOTE ON ORIGINAL RETURN. - This return cannot be made complete, owing to omissions in brigade returns. The totals and aggregate are believed to be nearly correct.

$ Refugees from Arkansas Post.