War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0845 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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May 20, 1863.

Major HENRY EWING, Assistant Adjutant - General:

MAJOR: Indorsed herewith is a communication from Colonel Dobbin. * I ordered him to report, in person, to-day, and, if I can get him under my authority, will have him encamped in this neighborhood, and his small pox case placed in a pest house. I believe that the account of small pox in his regiment has been exaggerated; it is certainly of a very mild type.

Colonel Chrisman, contrary to my orders, escorted a Federal flag of truce 14 miles through our lines, in defiance of my pickets, and intended to bring it here, but was prevented by Lieutenant Killingsworth, commander of pickets. Major Scudder, of the Fifth Kansas, bearing the flag, has a communication to General Marmaduke. As soon as it reaches my headquarters, it will be forwarded.

A good deal of dissatisfaction, verging on mutiny, has manifested itself in the brigade, which I will investigate at once, and report fully after so doing. From what I can learn, it is avowedly caused by my personal interferences with the men and companies, a written statement to that effect having been handed to Major Hill, inspector- general. I believe other causes are operating, but will not state them till better informed.

The pickets and scouts report no movement of the enemy from Memphis or Helena.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Abstract from field return of Marmaduke's cavalry division, commanded by Brigadier General J. S. Marmaduke, May 20, 1863; headquarters Jacksonport, Ark.

Present for duty.

Command. Officers Men. Aggregate Aggregate

. present. present



Shelby's brigade 98 1,252 1,482 2,471

Carter's brigade 79 866 1,174 1,703

Greene's brigade 84 718 941 1,299

Burbridge's 73 963 1,215 1,685


Kitchen's 22 222 313 792


Total 356 4,021 5,125 7,950

Organization of Marmaduke's command, May 20, 1863.

Carter's Brigade.


Burford's regiment, Colonel N. M. Burford.

Carter's regiment, Lieutenant Colonel D. C. Giddings.

Morgan's squadron, Major C. L. Morgan.

Reves' partisan company.

Pratt's battery, Captain J. H. Pratt.

Burbridge's Brigade.


Burbridge's regiment, Lieutenant Colonel W. J. Preston.

Newton's regiment, Colonel R. C. Newton.


*Not found.