War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0826 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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for the benefit of refugees from your State. It is therefore ordered that you appear at this office on Thursday, at 3 o'clock p. m., and pay the sum ar $25 for the aforesaid purpose.


Captain and Provost Marshal, District of Eastern Arkansas.

[Inclosure Numbers 3.]


Speaker introduced by General Prentiss. [Three cheers.]

"OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS: I am come to proclaim to you the late order of the President of the United States with full power to enforce it to the letter.

"The Government, in its last throes for an existence, has resolved to arm all able bodied negroes for the service of the United States Army, as the last, but certain, means of crushing out this rebellion.

"The President has been pained to hear that in many instances negroes have been repulsed by our pickets, and badly treated, too, by our soldiers in camp.

"I am authorized to take any man's commission from him, from a major- general down to a lieutenant, who does not co-operate in this order in faith and practice, or dares to oppose it. I am also authorized to give commissions to officers of negro brigades. [Great applause.]

"We take them as property of rebels- thereby depriving them of every means of subsistence- to man our heavy guns, do our heavy work, and to hold our forts. It has been clearly demonstrated that they will make good soldiers. You will spare no means to urge them to come within our lines. You are required to spare no means to reduce the enemy to suffering, as the only means left us to put down this rebellion." [Great applause].

General Prentiss called for. [Three cheers.]

"OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS: I feel good all over. [Applause.] I indorse the President's order all the way through. Sorry it did not come sooner. I will take every negro by force-men, women, and children- within the reach of my scouts, destroying all property as I go. When I was a prisoner, I longed to see the day when I could take vengeance on my enemies. Thank Heaven, that day has come, and I can do as I please, and my pleasure is to destroy as i go."

General Washburn called.

"I indorse the foregoing speeches in full. I am no Abolitionist. I do not believe in negro equality. If extermination be necessary to quell this rebellion, I am ready for that." [Great applause.]

General Hovey called.

"I indorse all the speeches made on the occasion, with amendments. I am a Jeff. Davis man. I want all the cotton burned north and south, all trade stopped, all commerce closed. I want all the women and children, especially of rebels, reduced to starvation and want. This will bring their friends home who are fighting us." [Strange applause.]

General McGinnis said:

"I indorse all the speeches, confiscating negroes as mules and horses," &c.