War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0653 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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passed near Syracuse, and another party, of 250, passed near and west of La Mine Bridge. Place parties of infantry at the fords within 10 miles of Tuscumbia, if possible, up and down the Osage, and prepare the necessary, ambuscade for the reception of rebel squads.

Send the inclosed dispatch forward with all haste, under a strong escort of cavalry, if you have it, to Colonel Morton at Linn Creek, and hold the balance of the cavalry subject to Colonel Morton's orders. The forces at the fords should get quickly into their positions, and then keep quiet for the rebels to come up.

By direction of Brigadier-General Totten:

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO., October 14, 1863.


Commanding Linn Creek, Missouri:

Parties of rebels are crossing the Pacific Railroad, going south, in retreat from the regions of Boonville, of Marshall, &c., where they have been badly beaten. They will reach the Osage by to-morrow some time I expect. Keep your cavalry on the lookout, but not too much scattered as to prevent your concentrating there at short notice, if General Schofield should so command. The extermination of the rebels, or their capture, is the all-important thing, now that they are broken and flying from our victorious troops. A party of 20 rebels passed south, 2 miles east of California; another much larger party passed near Syracuse; a third, of 250 men, passed near La Mine Bridge. It is of the utmost importance that Colonel Edwards, at Warsaw, should know these facts, and I beg you will send a strong escort with messenger to him to convey the news, and to all United States troops along the Osage to Warsaw. Haste is of the greatest importance. The rebels are doubtless, much demoralized and broken down, and, consequently, the hope is they will rest for some hours to-night, and give us time to get information through to the various points on the Osage. Be sure to use the utmost exertions to forward the news. There is an important and favorite crossing to the rebels 12 miles east of Warsaw, toward which they now appear to be moving from La Mine Bridge. Colonel Edwards should be informed of this. The messenger I send you cannot go on; fresh men and horses should be sent. I send to Tuscumbia, and they send from that place to you.

I am, very respectfully, &c.,



[P. S.]-The column of rebels under Colonel Hunter, 500 strong and one piece artillery, finally escaped over Duroc Ford.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO., October 14, 1863.

Major General JOHN M. SCHOFIELD,

Commanding Department of Saint Louis:

Morton reports from Linn Creek, dated yesterday. Command 800 strong, independent of local garrison (two companies of militia). He has