War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0620 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N.W. Chapter XXXIV.

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can get up so as to intercept him as he tries to recross the Osage, do so. I am concentrating a force at Lebanon to co-operate with you. Send numerous scouts to keep you informed of the rebels' movements.



SAINT LOUIS, MO., October 8, 1863

Brigadier-General GUITAR,

Macon City, Mo.:

Shelby, with about 2,000 rebels, has made his way north as far as Warsaw. He cannot, probably get much farther, but may possibly strike for Jefferson City. Send to that place whatever force you can spare, and can reach there within twenty-four hours.




Warsaw, October 8, 1863-5.30 a.m.

General E. B. BROWN:

I have been here an hour. I have positive information that the enemy's whole force moved out on the road to Sedalia 6 miles yesterday evening, October 7, an hour by sun. They were moving on north the last heard from them. It seems pretty generally believed that the forces number 1,500 well-armed men, with two pieces of artillery. Coffee and Shelby are clean. There are conflicting reports about Captain [Abraham] Darst. Some say he was captured; others say not. I will move from here at 9 o'clock, on the Sedalia road, and will keep you posted. My men and horses very much worn out. The rebels said here they intended to take Sedalia and Jefferson City.

I am, general,your obedient servant,


Major Seventh Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

P. S. - Fifty of these whelps go in advance with a Federal flag and Federal clothing. I go on the Sedalia road, and will gather information. The companies of the Fifth Provisional are so worn out that they can be of no further service on a scout. I send them on the road to Clinton. They will wait for orders at Leesville.


Sedalia, MO., October 8, 1863-9 o'clock.

General E. B. BROWN:

Our scouts that went out last night have all returned. They bring no news of either the enemy or yourself. General Schofield wishes to communicate with you. I sent an order yesterday evening from General Schofield to General Ewing, ordering him to bear in an eastwardly direction. Colonel Hall is here with his force from Saline County. I have ordered out, and organized and armed, all the citizens of this place. We are determined to defend it all hazards. Anxious to hear from you; heard nothing from you or the enemy since yesterday morning.

Yours with respect,


Major, Commanding Post.