War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0583 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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the country is more important that the freedom of the press. If the Union is lost, men and papers will go with it. This ought to be the key-note of the national policy, but it is not. The New York World and Chicago Times are still published.

The President allows Copperheads to condemn him. Schofield threatens to fine and imprison the loyal men who object to his weak and inefficient policy. Schofield is an inefficient commander. We say of him what the New York Herald said of Fremont and Sigel, and was not suppressed for so doing. His orders to Blunt have proved to the country the fatal effect of his military commands. Blunt was too wise a general to obey Schofield's orders; therefore he has succeeded. The retreating policy was not pursued, and because it was not, Western Arkansas and the Indian country are now in our possession. Had the desire of General Schofield been followed, we should not have taken possession of Western Arkansas in 1862, or of Fort Smith in 1863. In the same year of 1863, and under Schofield as commander, we have suffered this barbarous Lawrence massacre. In other words, the incompetency and imbecility of Schofield are so deplorable as to need no discussion. His whole rule has been a failure. He tries now to stop discussion of his course by despotic orders. He attempts to maintain his position by tyrannically shutting the mouth of every man opposed to him. Who is this Schofield, that he cannot be talked about? Is he more loyal and true than we are? Has he done more for his country? He may be a lunatic, but his order prevents us from asking a question in regard to the matter. If he was a rebel, we should have no remedy against Star Chamber order. But he will not stop free thought or free speech. When he does it in his own department, it will break out elsewhere. You can bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades, but you cannot bind free thought. It cannot be done by Schofield or Quantrill. The free people of Kansas will not be restrained or repressed by any tyrannical edicts of any commander, no matter how high his station or how mean his principles.

We have said, and we still say, that Schofield is the worst major-general in command; worst for Union men, best for rebels. He is not fit for the position. Silencing edicts will not help him. Despotic orders will not help him. Arbitrary arrests will not help him. He must be removed.

[Inclosure No. 2.]


General Schofield has just issued an order declaring that martial law will be enforced against all persons who shall utter or publish any facts or misrepresentation of facts calculated to create insubordination or distrust among the soldiers or people, or weaken the military authority. Persons found guilty are to be fined and imprisoned, and newspapers offending are to be suppressed. Is this aimed at Copperheads and rebels who, while enjoying protection from the military, are engaged in plotting and executing treason, robbery, and butchery? "Nary!" It is a warning to Jacobins and Radicals, and, translated into English, means that any person or newspaper that has the hardihood to oppose Schofield, Gamble & Co. will have the "clamps put to them" for it. As Kansas is in Schofield's department, we cusses out here, who have been used to talking pretty much as we pleased, will have to "down breaks" or be fined, imprisoned, and suppressed. We wonder if the "great rejected" supposes he can deter an independent people from saying just what they think of him, and holding up his acts in their true light before the public.


*From the White Cloud Chief.