War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0474 MO.,ARK.,KANS.,IND.T.,AND DEPT.N.W. Chapter XXXIV.

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Sedalia, Mo., August 25, 1863.

Brigadier General E. B. BROWN,

Commanding District of Central Missouri:

GENERAL: I have the honor to report that yesterday afternoon I received information of a raid made by bushwhackers into Freedom Township, La Fayette County. I immediately dispatched 60 men from this post, and directed Captain Brown's command of 40 men, ranging near Knobnoster and Brownsville, to join them, making 100. This evening I sent in the direction of Warrensburg 72 men. Between the two scouts I expect thorough work.

Captain Turley, of my regiment, who is encamped near the junction of Pettis, Johnson, and Henry, had a fight this morning in Johnson County with bushwhackers. Particulars not known. William Turley, brother to Captain Turley, was badly wounded.

General, we are very short of ordnance. Have sent down requisition. I wish you would have sent up immediately some rifle-ball cartridges, caliber .54; pistol cartridges (one box), caliber .44, and a number of pistol boxes, caliber .38. The organization authorized by Colonel Hall, near Dunksburg, in this county, are out of ammunition. They want 40 pounds of powder, 2 sacks of shot, 2,000 gun-caps, and 3,000 Navy cartridges. Can you send these, or will I have to make a requisition in form for them?

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Seventh Missouri State Militia Cavalry.



Saint Louis, August 25, 1863.

Large numbers of men are leaving the broken rebel armies in the Mississippi Valley and returning to Missouri. Many of them, doubtless, come back with the purpose of following a career of plunder and murder under the form of guerrilla warfare, while others would gladly return to their homes as peaceable citizens, if permitted to do so and protected from violence.

The State is in danger of a repetition of the scenes of violence and bloodshed which characterized the months of July and August, 1862. The united efforts of all loyal and peaceably disposed citizens, as well as of the troops of this department, will be required to avert this evil.

It is the desire of the commanding general that all those who voluntarily abandon the rebel cause and desire to return to their allegiance to the United States shall be permitted to do so, under such restrictions as the public peace shall require. All such persons may surrender themselves and their arms at the nearest military post, and will be released upon taking the oath of allegiance and giving bond for their future good conduct. They will be required to reside in such portion of Missouri or other State as the provost-marshal who releases them shall direct.

All who shall fail to comply with these conditions, and shall remain within our lines without renewing their allegiance, will be treated as criminals according to the laws of war. Those who shall engage in robbery, murder, or other similar crimes will be entertained without mercy.