War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0446 MO., ARK., KANS., IND.T., AND DEPT. N.W. Chapter XXXIV.

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Eighteenth Iowa Infantry should be sent into active service in the field. They are a small but a fine regiment, but have been too long at post duty.

My small command are killing guerrillas every day, returns couriers from both Missouri State Militia and Missouri Enrolled Militia, but they still abound. I think the occupation of all Arkansas would quiet all these people and restore peace to Missouri.

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

WARSAW, MO., August 11, 1863.

Brigadier General E. B. BROWN:

GENERAL: I have no ink nor pens. I arrived here on Saturday last, and entered upon the discharge of mu duty,and in due time will make my report.

I sent this that the wisdom of the general commanding may apply remedy instantly to the shame incident to the murders committed by the troops in their scouts. Since Saturday morning last there has been as many as four murders committed by our soldiery. Major Melton, who goes to Sedalia, will probably be at Jefferson City,and will give you additional particulars. The men murdered were Wright, two Bunches,and Thornton, which, added to Harvey and Scuggs,makes the number six within the last ten or twelve days.

There is a feeling of insecurity universally prevailing with the peace able citizens in towns of insecurity, and all in this place that can get conveyance express an intention of leaving. Acting upon an idea which will doubtless be for the interest of the service, I have signified an in the general commanding. There is no discipline whatever exercised over the soldiers here, which, added to the indiscriminate sale of liquor, renders the soldiers fiends rather than soldiers. I am going to issue an order this morning closing all the liquor places until such times as the pleasure of the general commanding may be known. The best citizens here have been menaced with death by the soldiers. The officer commanding, Captain Foster, seems to give the matter his serious attention, but will be unable to correct the evil of these murders until his subordinate are held to a personal responsibility for the actions of their men.

Two scouts have been out since I have been here. One of them has returned; killed 2 bushwhackers and 4 citizens, which, if persevered in, will, of course, cause an exodus equal to the children of Israel. The idea has maintained its ground among soldiers that bushwhackers and their sympathizers are not to be taken prisoners, and all are sympathizers who have ever been rebels, notwithstanding the amnesty of the Government in their favor to the contrary.

The soldier element here will be effective only when the most rigid discipline is enforced. Many of the soldiers are in the neighborhood of their homes, and all have private wrongs to avenge, and it is plain to see the effect ultimately.

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel and Provost-Marshal.