War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0378 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV

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Colonel Childs was taken by them and led to the brush, there to be hanged. Through the intercession of former friends, his life was spared on conditions. Those conditions the colonel was not at liberty to confide to your correspondent. The noted bushwhacker Dave Pool had Colonel Childs prisoner. This Pool has declared that he intended killing 50 Union men, in retaliation for the killing of Colonel Parker, &c. On my way up to your city, we passed about 15 or 20 bushwhackers, on a point of timber land, a few miles above Sibley (bottom land), about 7 a.m. They appeared to be preparing their breakfast. The boat was not within range. Had she been, no doubt we would have received a volley from their fire-arms. We saw none coming down. The friends are pleased to learn that you will soon be down.

Truly, your friend,




Springfield, Mo., July 15, 1863.

I. Pursuant to Special Orders, Numbers 177, from Headquarters Department of the Missouri, the undersigned hereby assumes command of this military district, as now extended "to include the western tier of counties of Missouri south of the present northern limit of this district."

II. As military commandant of this district, I shall require of every officer and soldier a strict maintenance of discipline and military order, as prescribed by Army Regulations, and implicit obedience to all orders now in force or hereafter to be promulgated.

III. Protection will be given to each and every loyal citizen of the district, to the full extent of the means at my command. To that unfortunate class of citizens who, at the outbreak of this wicked rebellion, faltered in their duty to their country and its Government, but who now, finding that the Government is not only able to protect the loyal but also has ample power to coerce and punish the disloyal and delinquent, are content to renew their obligations of loyalty, and to live in peace with their old neighbors, giving a positive, active, and sympathetic support to the Government of the United States, the same protection will be extended as though they had never erred.

IV. While desiring to act with all proper leniency toward those who, convinced of the great wrong and error of their conduct, shall voluntarily surrender themselves and their arms, I shall pursue, with untiring vigilance, all guerrilla bands, marauders, and bushwhackers, and when taken they will be summarily dealt with. All recruiting officers or any other class of persons claiming connection with the army of the so-called Southern Confederacy, when arrested within the limits of this military district, will be considered and treated as spies of the enemy, it being determination of the district commander, in accordance with instructions from department headquarters, to take steps to insure the supremacy of the civil law. When the courts can be held in every county of the district, when every process of law can be executed, when men can follow the ordinary vocations of industry in peace, and, consequently, business shall have resumed its wonted course, you will have no longer any need of military protection. I earnestly invoke the aid of every citizen in producing this condition of affairs, desiring no higher honor than that of restoring peace to this district.

V. Captain C. G. Laurant is announced as the assistant adjutant-general of this district, and he will be obeyed and respected accordingly. All