War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0359 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Bloomfield, Mo., July 8, 1863- 4 p.m.

Major-General SCHOFIELD, Saint Louis:

I came here in advance of my troops to communicate with you, but find the line, after all my orders, not yet built. The country is flooded with water, and our march has been laborious in the extreme. My scouts are out in every direction, and some are due to-morrow. I have offered Glenn high wages for quick information. To-morrow I push an armed reconnaissance beyond Chalk Bluff. I will send you promptly all information. I have received none later than the 3rd of July.





Saint Louis, Mo., July 8, 1863.

I. Whenever the district or assistant provost-marshals within this department shall receive or obtain information that any person, since the 25th of September, 1862, has been engaged in armed rebellion against the Government of the United States, or in aiding or abetting said rebellion, and that any personal or real property or effects, belonging to such persons, is to be found within their respective jurisdictions, it is hereby made the duty of such district or assistant provost-marshals to report such fact without delay to the provost-marshal-general, together with a description of such property (including slaves), and the names of the witnesses by whom such facts can be proven, so that the matter may be turned over to the civil authorities, under the provisions of the act of July 17, 1862, and the proclamation of the President, of the date of July 25, 1862; and the officers aforesaid are further directed to use due diligence to ascertain such facts.

II. Whenever the district or assistant provost-marshals, aforesaid shall receive or obtain information that any person, since the 17th day of July, 1862, has acted as an officer of the army or navy of the rebels in arms against the Government of the United States,or has held any civil office under the so-called Government of the Confederate States of America, or under any of the several States of said Confederacy, or who, owning property in any loyal State or Territory, or in the District of Columbia, has, after the said 17th day of July, 1862, assisted or given aid and comfort to said rebellion, the district and assistant provost-marshals are in like manner instructed to report a list of the property, real and personal, of said person, and the names of the witnesses by whom the facts can be proven, to the provost-marshal-general without delay.

III. No district or assistant provost-marshal is authorized to seize upon the property of any individual, for the purpose of confiscation, under the laws of the United States: Provided, however, That property strictly contraband of war, as described in General Orders, Numbers 8, series 1862, from these headquarters, when about to be transported or being transported in violation of said order, shall be seized upon by provost-marshals, the question of its character investigated, and the facts reported to the provost-marshal-general for his orders.

IV. Property required for the use of the army, and property which is evidently subject to confiscation, and which must be immediately seized to prevent its falling into the hands of the enemy, or being carried off or destroyed, will be seized by order of the commanding officer in the