War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0338 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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part of the Twelfth Kansas Infantry now in the District of the Border could be sent to me, relieved by the Eleventh Kansas, and that portion of the Sixth Kansas and Third Wisconsin now in the vicinity of Rolla, and one good battery of rifled guns could be ordered to report to me for duty by the 20th, I have little doubt of my ability to cross the Arkansas River and destroy the rebel forces now massing in front of our lines. This would open the whole Indian country, and enable the two new Indian regiments to fill up their ranks.

I need good artillery. I have nothing but smooth-bores, and they are worn out and nearly unserviceable. If Rabb's Second Indiana or First Kansas Battery could be sent to me, with the troops I have mentioned, I will be enabled to protect my line of communications with this post, and to defeat all the Confederate forces in front of Colonel Phillips' lines. I desire to know at as early a day as possible what troops I may expect, that I may make my arrangements accordingly.

I would also suggest the propriety of sending the Arkansas troops into Western Arkansas, in the vicinity of Maysville, where they can be within supporting distance of Fort Gibson, and at the same time be in a position to rid that section of country of guerrillas that continually harass my trains between here and the Arkansas River, and where they may also intercept large detachments of the enemy that frequently cross the river as low down as Van Buren and pass up on the Line road in Phillips' rear, to harass and annoy him.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,



CAIRO, ILL., June 26, 1863.

Major-General SCHOFIELD:

Gunboats will be ready to co-operate with troops between New Madrid and Memphis. Lieutenant-Commander Bliss, whose divisional command embraces those two points on the river, will command in person. He is now here, and it is important that he should leave to-morrow, if not incompatible with the public service. I would like to know the nature of the service and the day it will probably start, so that he may be fully posted before his disposition [departure?].


Captain and Fleet Commandant of Station.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO., June 27, 1863.

Captain A. M. PENNOCK,

Commanding Station, Cairo:

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your telegram of the 26th instant, respecting the co-operation of the gunboat fleet with the troops under my command. I sent you a short telegram and promised to write in reply.

I can reply to your communication more nearly by giving you the substance of the instructions under which General Davidson, commanding the troops in Southeastern Missouri, is ordered to act, viz: To move from Arcadia (or Pilot Knob), his present position, down Crowley's Ridge as soon as practicable, threatening Price, who is supposed to be at or near Jacksonport with his main force, and attacking Marmaduke's cavalry, stationed along Crowley's Ridge, the intention being to com-