War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0169 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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give the paymaster, if he meets him, or to carry them to Leavenworth. All the other troops have been paid; let me urge that these be. The condition of my force has much improved. The general health of the Indian command never was so good. Small-pox broke out, but we have quarantine hospitals, and keep it down very well. The discipline of the whole force has much, improved since Colonel Wattles and Major Ellithorpe left. The Creek regiment has steadily improved. The whole three regiments drill every day when not marching. Lieutenant-Colonel Doel is making a good officer. Schools of non-commissioned officers have been created. The Second Regiment is now nearly as good as the Third, and the First is rapidly catching up. The First is nearly as good as the Third was when you saw it, and the Third is as good as any regiment in the service. The progress of the First gives me great pleasure, for I had nearly despaired. When you come down I will show them to you. It is now the 21st of March; there is grass in the valley of the Arkansas. The stock in the valley is liable to be driven away. My scouts and parties have touched the Arkansas River every few days all winter, holding the line from Clarksville up, but they cannot be everywhere, and my stock is too much used up for efficient work of that kind. There is a telegraph to Faytteville; telegraph me.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, [March] 21, 1863.

General J. W. DAVIDSON,

Commanding Saint Louis Dist., Planters' House, Saint Louis:

General McNeil sends me dispatch to-night stating that Marmaduke's advance camped at Cane Creek, 7 miles from Poplar Bluff, last Wednesday night. He sent his adjutant with 50 men to reconnoiter on Thursday noon, but has not heard from him since. He calls very anxiously for my regiment to defend the crossing of Castor River, and fears the enemy may cut off his supplies and communication with this place. He says there is nothing in the nature of the ground to prevent this. Cane Creek is south of Reeves' Station.



Colonel, Commanding.

SPRINGFIELD, March 22, 1863.

Major General SAMUEL R. CURTIS,

Commanding Department of the Missouri:

An intelligent scout just arrived from Texas reports large bodies of Union men lying out in the brush, anxiously awaiting an advance of the Federal army. There are but two companies of cavalry at Arkadelphia, Ark., and about the same at Centre Point. A force of 700 was concentrating at Roseville, with the intention of attacking Faytteville.

On the 20th of February a fight occurred at Cad's Gap between a party of rebels and Union men, called by the rebels outlayers, in which the rebels lost 7 killed; the Union party, 9 killed and 16 taken prisoners, of whom three were hanged.

Most all of the Texas troops were being concentrated at Fort Washita