War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0135 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION.

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exists we must tolerate it, and we must allow the civil authorities to dispose of the question. Negroes that belong to loyal citizens we have to regard as owing service to their masters, and we must respect the legal rights of loyal masters. This may be done without doing violence to the law of Congress that makes the slaves of rebels in the rebel service since the 17th of July captives of war, when such slaves come within our lines.

The Herald is a spirited paper, and I do not wish to impair its force, but I hope it may be more useful. Holt County, too, is evidently a star in the north, and their resolutions have the ring of the true metal; but let us not alienate any of our friends, but try to cultivate loyalty where there is the least sign of germination, and by prudence, discretion, and firmness we will keep down the copperheads, and ultimately conclude this devilish rebellion.

I wish we had more reliable force there at Saint Joseph; but we have not got it there, and you must not, therefore, attempt too much, especially on the occasion of a public meeting, which, some think, may attempt treasonable practices or speeches. On such public assembling of a convention or a church, where treason is likely to be displayed, it is better to note the parties and the exact crime, and take another time to redress it.

Hoping that you will appreciate the solicitude and sympathy I feel for all the earnest, loyal friends of my country, who I know are generally also friends of mine, I am, sir, very truly, your obedient servant,


Major- General.


Saint Louis, Mo., March 1, 1863.

Brigadier General OSON GUITAR,

Saint Joseph, Mo.:


I how you have already arrived at Saint Joseph, and earnestly desire you will act with great prudence and discretion. The editor of the Herald is too severe, and his tirade of abuse heaped upon you personally must be suspended. I shall so advise the provost marshal. It embarrasses me, and you also, and certainly does no good. I hope you will, now that the Holt County matter is disposed of, try to conciliate our friends, and avoid any and all measures that are calculated to further divide our Union strength. There is no sense in it. We may,by heated debates and denunciation, make rebels very daring and dangerous. They are sneaking about, always seeking opportunity to take advantage of our weakness. I am told the rebels threaten the press, and, no doubt, they hope to excite your sympathy by espousing your cause. I trust you will perceive the object, and yourself prevent such an outrage. I have directed that moderation must be practiced by everybody opposed to you and I trust you will enjoin the same thing on your friends who may not see my letter. It is said there is a Democratic meeting coming off soon. It is the duty of all military authorities on such occasions to keep the peace. That is all they should try to do. If (as I am informed did occur a little north of the line a few days ago) speakers, or commit treasonable acts, if your force is ample, they should be arrested; but if otherwise, as I think more likely, you will wee that proper account be taken of the perpetrators, so they may be properly treated at the proper time. All liquor establishments must