War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0096 MO., ARK., KANS., IND.T., AND DEPT. N.W. Chapter XXXIV.

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privates, with 1 captain, 1 first and 1 second lieutenant. Fort his special service you will divide this force into two command of twelve companies; each command divided into three battalions of four companies each, and will assign to each command 1 colonel, 1 lieutenant-colonel, 3 majors, 1 adjutant, 1 quartermaster (who will act as commissary), 1 surgeon,and 2 assistant surgeons. And for this purpose you will detail from the regiments of your district 2 colonels, 2 lieutenant-colonels, 6 majors, 2 adjutants, 2 quartermaster, 2 surgeons, and 4 assistant surgeons, whom you know to be reliable and efficient officers for this duty.

For the purpose of regularity in reports, returns, &c., these commands will be known respectively as the First and Second Provisional Regiments of the Eighth Military District, Enrolled Missouri Militia.

As soon as these details are effected, you will cause a consolidated report to be forwarded to the adjutant-general, giving the names of all commissioned officers, their rank, and from what regiment of Enrolled Militia assigned, with the total of non-commissioned officers and privates.

Duplicate muster-rolls with be made of each company, showing the letter by which it is designated; as also duplicate field and staff rolls, one of each of which will be forwarded to the adjutant-general at the same time with the consolidated report. As it is designated that his force shall be kept in active service continuously as long as their service may be required, you will direct that periodical muster-rolls be made in the manner prescribed by Army Regulations.

These command while in active service all be governed by the rules and regulations of the United States Army and the articles of war contained in Revised Army Regulations; and as the design of this force is to repress any attempt at insurrection, and to prevent any combinations for rebellion against the Government,and to maintain the laws of the State, you are enjoined to hold every officer to a rigid accountability in regard to his immediate command, and suppress at once, with a strong hand, any attempts at marauding, plundering, or insubordination of any kind. Immediately upon these details being completed, you will make the necessary requisitions for clothing and camp equipage upon the quartermaster-general, who will be instructed to fill the requisitions upon the approval of the Governor. For the necessary supply of arms, you will issue the arms heretofore issued to troops of your district, so far as the same may be required, taking care as far as possible to arm each battalion with the same caliber. It is deemed unnecessary to go further into details, as these will suggest themselves in the process of completing the commands. Great confidence is reposed by His Excellency in the energy and fidelity of the general commanding in carrying out these instructions promptly, and much good will result from a heavy co-operation of the officers and men detailed for this duty.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Acting Adjutant-General, Missouri.

HDQRS. 8TH AND 9TH DIST., DEPT. OF THE MISSOURI, In the Field, Captain John Ross, February 4, 1863.

Major-General CURTIS,

Commanding Department of the Missouri:

SIR: I moved my main command 10 miles northeast. I did so for two reasons - to be nearer forage and to protect the assemblage of the