War of the Rebellion: Serial 033 Page 0065 Chapter XXXIV. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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at once adequate means to suppress these outrages, and furnish full and ample protection to loyal citizens against their recurrence. To these ends it is ordered:

1st. That any person found within this military district attempting to recruit or organize any force to act against the Federal Government, or the government of this State, or against the peaceable inhabitants of either, or who holds any commission or other paper, purporting to be a commission or other authority from those in rebellion or otherwise opposing Federal authority, to recruit, organize, or otherwise collect or assemble any force to act in opposition to the Federal authority, shall be promptly executed by the first commissioned officer to whom he may be delivered or under whose control he may be placed.

2nd. That all persons who shall knowing harbor, conceal, aid, or abet, by furnishing food, clothing,information, protection, or any assistance whatever to any such emissary, Confederate officer or solider, partisan ranger, bushwacker, robber, or thief, shall be promptly executed by the first commissioned officer into whose hands he or they may be delivered or under whose control he or they may be placed. The house at which such persons receive food, protection, or assistance in any way shall be destroyed, and the personal property found at such places or on the farms belonging thereto shall be seized and applied to the indemnification of Union citizens for the losses sustained by them in consequence of the wrongful acts of these bands.

3rd. That any officer in this military district who shall fail to execute promptly the foregoing provisions of their order will be tried by a courtmartial for disobedience of orders.

By order of Brigadier-General Loan:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Troops at Helena, Ark., Colonel, Cyrus Bussey commanding, January 20, 1863.

2nd Arkansas Cavalry (three companies), Captain Archibald B. Freeburn.

10th Illinois Cavalry (four companies), Major Elvis P. Shaw.

47th Indiana (one company), Captain William Henley.

3rd Iowa Battery, Lieutenant A. Beach.

3rd Iowa Cavalry (six companies), Major Oliver H. P. Scott.

4th Iowa Cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel Simeon D. Swan.

33rd Iowa, Colonel Samuel A. Rice.

36th Iowa, Colonel Charles W. Kittredge.

1st Missouri Cavalry (three companies), Colonel John F. Ritter.

10th Missouri Cavalry (three companies).

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, January 21, 1863.

Major-General CURTIS, Saint Louis:

By direction of the President, Major-General Grant will assume the command of all troops in Arkansas which may be within reach of his orders. The portion of Arkansas occupied by such troops will be temporarily attached to the Department of the Tennessee.



(Same to Major-General Grant.)